The Rainbow Revolution- The journey within

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April 18th 2012
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rainbow uprisingrainbow uprisingrainbow uprising

the revolution is upon is the time to unchain the minds , now is the time to unchain the hearts... we cannot afford self pity...if something is not worth dying for its not worth living for... listen to the voice of reason and liberty... we are the children of the rainbow... the indigo...

A narrative of the Rainbow Family of Living Light by Paul R. Denton

Disclaimer: This narrative is written without prejudice to assist the generations to come as they seek to evolve; and help others in their journeys to a greater consciousness. I do not speak for the Rainbow Family but as an international focaliser ; I believe I have something useful to bring to the table. What the reader does with this information is up to the individual.I would especially to warn you agaist the pavla cveckovas of the world who are vampires of the careful of them!

*”focaliser”- one who focuses the energy to facilitate the vision into reality.


Today we are standing at the threshold of an era of a great awakening, a rainbow revolution of all the tribes, colours, creeds and nations...and; it is this Call, this Revolution of Ideas and the will to put them into practise that gives us courage to grow into the dream...and to make them realisable.

The strange truth about all of this is that it’s nothing new...the reality of

one idea can change the world... i am living proof of this...
the global politique testifies to this. It is how it is achieved that is the issue; and it is this that any rainbow revolution should direct its energies. But, what can we learn from the past? How is it possible to indeed live ethical, revolutionary lives in the chaos of today’s world?

Trotsky had a vision of a worldwide proletarian revolution; in fact it was Trotsky (amongst others) who envisioned a “United States of Europe” in 1919. He wrote in Pravda ( “ truth”): “ We shall not try here to predict the pace at which the unification of the European republics will take place” ... but , he declares – it could only be on a basis of a “ socialist revolution”.

He saw Russia as a bridge between Europe and Asia in what would become a “ World (Socialist) Federation...He believed it could only be brought about through: “dictatorship, coercion and violence”...through TERROR!

Today we find ourselves again at that that moment of history...That cusp... –so what is different now than it was then?

Adolf Hitler’s vision of a Third Reich (empire) was although ultra extreme; not very different to

the revolution is within, the rainbow revolution is about liberating yourself from all that stops you from becoming who you are meant to be.
the Bolshevik one. The National Socialist (Nazi) party was indeed another form of socialism! Many countries and peoples bought into this vision at the time under the heel of the German jackboot and its propaganda machine...( very much like the current Goebbels media machine of the amalgamated press-Gannettts , Newscorp,Times Warner etc); many Dutch, Austrian and Slavic peoples were part of this effort to unify Europe through war , coercion ,control and violence... The Southern states also went through their radical transformation and it was fascism that won out...

Soviet Russia under Joseph Stalin later exported their socialism, their communism to parts of Asia, Africa and South America (Venezuela-Peru-Colombia)...and to a certain degree; it worked.

China, Cuba, Venezuela and North Korea still practise more fanatically the Marxist principles outlined in the book “Das Capital”... for China there have been many benefits of maintaining the past whilst living in the future. In short, in all countries there is a dictator and there is forced coercion of the masses by the state. It is nothing new and exists even today in Western styled “ democracies”

Throughout history great leaders or dictators had a common vision... a united
the road aheadthe road aheadthe road ahead

miracles do happen... i am living testimony to the existence of supernatural miracles...
world with one government... from Augustus Caesar to Charlemagne, Frederick the Great, Genghis Khan, The Inca Kings, The Aztecs, Alexander the Great, Mao, Jan Smuts, Trotsky, Napoleon , Shaka Zulu, William the Conqueror... etcetera. Some were pieces of the puzzle, some didn’t have the entire picture.... and some were inspired by it...but never could achieve it...

Some achieved part of the evolution of consciousness through war and conquest; but in the end... these achievements on the battlefield have not really brought about a lasting, permanent democratic peace. Neither has it ushered in an age of enlightenment and lasting fraternity...of human truth; we live in an illusion of democracy today.

But the good news is that through all of this chaos and mayhem we have virtually achieved a state of “national identity” world – wide. There is still much work to be done on this... but we have accelerated the process exponentially over the last century.

And so we now enter into an era of post-nationalism..of internationalism... of “globalism”... we are not there yet... but we are getting there.

But what is this consciousness really about? – is it about throwing bricks through windows? – or
nothing is impossiblenothing is impossiblenothing is impossible

if you believe you can you will , nothing is impossible for you to achieve. this is mount belucha... siberia, altai. it rarely lets you take a clear photo of it ... but this day it did. we have gathered in the remotest corners of the world... and i can say this has happened on my watch.
vandalising property? – or occupying public places?

NO! – I believe it is about reaching an understanding that we are 7 billion people on a big rock spinning around a giant star called “ the sun”...somewhere on the edge of the milky way...somewhere in an infinite universe... one little dot....!.... an understanding that we are just “ satellite earth”... a spaceship in the milky way!... this is globalism... TRUE globalism!

But have we grown up? Have we tired of violence ...of an “illusion of democracy”? Is Hegel’s theory of peace still valid? ( ie we need war to bring peace- a dialectic polar opposite to come into conflict to achieve harmony)

Do we still need World War Three to usher in a 21st century age of Human Understanding.... or is there another way? Is it possible to achieve world peace through... a rainbow revolution”...?!!

Let’s look at the facts...historical truth....

Socialist Britain under New Labour walked into two foreign wars costing billions – and thousands of innocent lives... through an illusion of democracy the masses were coerced into violence and war... for the cause of freedom... of peace...of democracy...

And more innocent
giving and sharinggiving and sharinggiving and sharing

the greatest miracles are the ones that happen between enemies who inside themselves do something that they would never normally do... this is the happening at every gathering... and our hope.
people’s blood was spilled on the desert tears from the heavens...evaporating into nothing by the searing sadistic sun...


Trotsky believed that “terrorism is the essence of revolution!”

And he took much of his inspiration from the French Revolution of the late 18thcentury. Trotsky was regarded by his peers as the “ Danton” of the Russian Revolution; the orator, the agitator, the spokesperson, the charismatic action man thinking on his feet...the prophet...just as much as Lenin was regarded as the father and the visionary... the great leader... the founder... the Nelson Mandela...the Abe /Abraham Lincoln...

Trotsky was the one who brooked no compromise... he was always the idealist whereas Lenin was more the pragmatist... (Many would beg to differ-but that’s just how I see it); he was a shooting star on the stage of history who shone brightly for a brief moment ...without Trotsky... I doubt there would have been an October revolution...

Human history it seems is steeped in blood and misery, compassion and cruelty...good and evil... pretty and pig-ugly...all bound into one roll of awful “oneness” –a transcendental state of a golden
and what about the children?and what about the children?and what about the children?

if we cannot give the children a direction for a new world , what has our lives been for? if fatherhood has been denigrated by militant extremist feminism... what about the children? who will teach them the values of family and respecting your elders and the earth we live in? this is the fallout of a 60s free love revolution that wasnt so free after all.
age of illumination...that impel great men and women to step forward in faith to become a page in the ongoing saga of humankind...for better ...or for worse...

And the facts speak for themselves... out of war comes peace, out of chaos comes order. So in a sick, strange way; this dictum of terrorism and revolution appears true... we see it today as Iran, Israel, America and Britain prepare for a new , more bloody war in the Middle East.

And yet in all of this harsh realism the prophets of peace believed and believe that revolution, true revolution must occur in the hearts of men... (And women) - so what then is the answer?

And who is then the enemy of change, of peace and of justice in the world today? How can we achieve a permanent rainbow revolution in this day and age? Inner revolution of the heart?

To answer this, one has to look at the nature of humanity and its aspirations. Economy is central to peace and prosperity; so is achieve a state of illumination one needs to unlearn traditional beliefs and mindsets...The first principle of the rainbow revolution is to come to the understanding of IDENTITY!...

In others be conscientised, politicised , and “ identified”! And this brings us to the next question....


Are we black or white- American or African? Asian or European?...Anglo Saxon or French? British or European? – Asian- Aryan or African.... Caucasian or Celtic?... who...? English?....!!! Arab- Buddhist-Jew- Christian?...

I believe post nationalism is the realisation of one’s international identity. Thus we are “ world citizens” – all of us... we belong to an international global community – a greater human family ; we could narrow our identity along tribal or even gender lines...but our ethics and standards, values and moralities belong not to a multi-cultural identity; but to a global –cultural one... this is my postulate.

That everyone has a God given right as an earth citizen to live anywhere in the world he or she so chooses to live. There are no frontiers or border posts for a world citizen... the European community has come far over the last fifty years to try and realise a European identity... although some might say...a “European Third Reich”.... but this experiment needs to evolve into a global one.

Unfortunately the problem is a political one; the pace of change although it is rapidly accelerating will need another fifty years to fully realise this goal unless we see a massive evolutionary shift in consciousness... a tsunami in fact of awakening... a rainbow revolution...

With the advent of the information revolution more and more people are beginning to understand their global – post national identity... whilst some are remaining stagnant.... but it deters not from the static truth ... we are Internationals, Citizens’ of Earth....and there’s nothing we can do about it ... it just is...This is the New Rationale.

The second principle of the revolution is to expose the establishment, the establishment or the “powers that be”...these are the elite clique of bourgeois inbred who control around 90% of the earth’s natural resources and the minds of the masses. This “establishment” holds the power in government, in the propaganda media machines, and in the justice systems. They own the majority of the world’s wealth and they control the use of its land...and they number but 1% of the world’s population... less than 70 million. They wage war by proxy , and do not care what the majority have to say... if they want war... then war it shall be... if the price of eggs is going up... then up it shall go... if a law is to be changed... then changed it shall be... if someone needs to be neutralised... then neutralised they shall be... by hook or by crook... they own all the organs of power and they use it when it suits them... and the masses are easily programmed from an early age to believe in the security of the economic system and its remedies to life’s problems... in all things... “Big brother knows best!”...PAPA BEAR IS ALWAYS RIGHT SYNDROME!

Some call this elite the “ illuminati”...”the enlightened ones”- and they believe they have a god given right to enslave the proletariat peasants for their own good... why? Because they are either plain stupid or just “ unenlightened” – or perhaps apathetic... or disempowered... the masses are brainwashed in the schools to follow like sheep every word the establishment programmes into the groupthink.... and it is frightening.

When I left South Africa during the time of apartheid; I realised how much I had to unlearn in order to learn... and it is no different today. But what can anyone do about such a seductive force of absolute power?

The greatest weapon against the establishment is the truth.

When the dark secrets of this evil power that dominates and controls the worlds destiny are exposed ...are brought to the light ...this same establishment is then made accountable. With the rapid expansion of the internet their power through ignorance is step by step being eroded...however, as with any beast... another monster rears its ugly head to manipulate the group- mind again.. Many reading this will can’t be...!... and it will get lost in the noise of all the crackpots publishing things about green men on mars... ( the green man phenomena)... but by exposing the establishment consistently it sends out this message... YOU ARE BEING WATCHED!...(THE ENEMY HAS BEEN IDENTIFIED!...)- see “ THEY LIVE” ON YOUTUBE.

Julian Assange of Wikileaks was successful in using this principle to put the establishment on the back foot. But he lost momentum when he was stitched up by the CIA. Using sex allegations are one of the dirty tactics the establishment use to neutralise you. There are too many examples of this (Strauss Kahn IMF boss, Dodi’s dad-The Harrods boss amongst others); however, once the establishment IS exposed the forces of TRUTH can gain momentum and build what is known as “ CRITICAL MASS”...

This is the true transcendental socialist revolution... as was seen during the Arab Spring and the Velvet Revolution in the past. Even Apartheid South Africa was dismantled once it was disarticulated. And it is this disarticulation that is the aim of the Rainbow Revolution. We don’t need bullets and bombs to make the change... it can start within us...inside our own hearts.

Thus is the first principle of the revolution is “knowing who you are” ; and the second principle is “ knowing who your enemy is”... we need to do away with all forms of monarchies and aristocracies...for embedded in them is a system of mind control that has kept the people disempowered for centuries.

The violent revolutionaries took the drastic measures of assination, the guillotine and the crude philosophy of “off with their heads”; but, this did not stop Medusa from growing more Gorgons...indeed, we have moved on from those bloody days. There is another way ;and it is this way that I intend to articulate in this manifesto.

By empowering each other with knowledge we can affect change.

The third principle of the revolution is to define your personal goals. What you can personally do to “ rage against the machine” !- To do this you need to know yourself. Some revolutionaries give themselves up to public service and through this they spread their Gandhi. Others do it in the system through their occupations or their enterprises eg. Einstein. The primary work of this revolution is spreading the light and the love so as to agitate for change and an evolution of mass consciousness;

or what I call “ psyconsciousness- ( spiritual awareness)...many warriors or lightworkers are already doing a great job in their personal missions to achieve this. Some spread consciousness of the futility of oil for blood wars...others consciousness about over consumption, recycling, waste vegetarianism, global warming, hegemonies of power, gender discrimination, racial prejudice...etc etc etc... ad infinitum. Other activists protest on the frontline, others organise, focalise , others take a bullet for the revolution... some die... some go to prison... some are demonised by the Goebbels media...some lose family and friends.... others are slandered ..or falsely accused by puppets of the establishment...- “pawns”...they have all one thing in common...:

All true revolutionaries make some kind of personal sacrifice... the greater the revelation – the greater the power – the greater the responsibility...the greater the sacrifice... the sages of any revolution usually take the lion’s share of the pain and suffering... one only needs to look at the lives of Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, The Baha’i Ulla ,Nelson Mandela, Steve Biko, Chris Hani, Che Guevara, Martin Luther King, the Dalai Lama... Aung Sang Su...whoever you are and in whatever stage you are in ... know this... out of pain comes truth. You have to be baptised in fire to gain the authority of a leader. There simply is no other way nor are there any shortcuts.

Every new birth comes with great pain... but it is your EGO that should always become your greatest weapon or tool in your fight against the establishment.

Therefore, terrorise your ego and convert it into the sword it is meant to be!

All great freedom fighters, visionaries and revolutionaries spend time in prison, or are assassinated ...or are publicly humiliated... it is inevitability...but history ALWAYS vindicates their truth as their lives show.

You have to find your place in the Rainbow Revolution. Not everyone is meant to go to prison...not everyone is meant to be exiled..Or assassinated; kidnapped or tortured... we all don’t have that privilege...! ( Thank God!!!)

Some revolutionaries or cadres support those suffering for the greater good through their prayers.... their money... their visits... their love. And love is a verb... it is a “doing” word... so DO!!! We say in the rainbow...if you see a job... its yours!-embrace it-take it.

These all are important cogs in the wheels of revolution and are vital to support the frontline. Without support it is almost impossible to endure the pain... The British only beat the Boers when they put the women and children in concentration camps... that were the last straw. One needs the other... and so we are here to inspire one another to live according to our common belief that the struggle continues until the final victory!


YOU have to find your own destiny in the revolution, your place in this great modern 21st century movement that is moving towards a golden age of illumination that is dawning upon all humankind... and this is the third principle.

And the good news is: THERE IS A PLACE FOR ALL!

The fourth principle of the revolution is ...knowing the truth. And just what is the truth?- as Pontius Pilate once said...”simples”... THERE IS ENOUGH ...IN FACT MORE THAN ENOUGH FOR EVERYONE!

Thus those that live in truth, live in ABUNDANCE....

They always have more to give because they are not living in poverty...they are truly BLESSED by God. They are GIVERS and they SHARE!!!

Riches In material terms doesn’t necessarily mean you have enough... you may still be living in poverty...poverty of spirit, poverty of love...light...peace...poverty of empathy...compassion; Poverty is WASTE...


The greatest crime against humanity is not greed, war or genocide...blood diamonds or human experimentation ; the greatest crime against humanity is WASTE!!!...Wanton WASTE...There is enough for everyone...enough clean water, arable land, good air, and; resources aplenty for all. What’s more there is enough capacity,technology,innovation and imagination for everyone. In fact there’s so much of everything that we don’t need to exploit one another nor poison the Earth to sustain our quality of life, nor do we need to waste what has been given by our fathers and what we owe to our children and their children...all of this we already know. Therefore, we need to” terrorise “the darkness within us and around us.

To summarise:

1. KNOW WHO YOU ARE!(know yourself – YOU...your identity)

2. KNOW WHO YOUR ENEMY IS! (Know what you are fighting against)

3. KNOW WHAT YOU NEED TO DO! (What your particular role is)

4. KNOW THE TRUTH! (See things clearly for what they areAnd the truth shall set you free!

The fifth and final principle of the revolution is to KNOW THE VISION!...

(Where do we go from here... the picture of the future world)

The Rainbow Revolution is an all- inclusive invitation to change the world, to transcend ...and to ascend!....

It is an expansion of consciousness, and a journey within yourself. The rainbow revolution seeks to overthrow democratic dictatorships by winning the hearts and minds of every human being on planet Earth. One heart at a time. To break the shackles of fear and oppression forever.

We believe victory is both certain and inevitable and the golden age not only is coming but is upon us now...nothing ...nothing can stop it! And this is good news for all of us.

This journey is the final frontier of transcendence and ascendance “ The One”... the Source of All... To the Godhead... the Inner Peace... the Equilibrium. The final frontier is not Outer Space... but Inner the hidden worlds beyond all worlds... to behind and beyond the Mind’s Eye... This is truly the Great Unknown...and yet... we can know... we can travel to places beyond our reality...this remains the last-and indeed the Lost Horizon...!it is the impossible dream ....

What then does it mean to know the vision?...

1. The vision begins with the land. Revolutionaries need to take possession of the land. This land needs to be cultivated and kept for all.

2. Communities and economies or “islands of light “need to develop and grow. For those unable to buy land – land needs to be given or donated to the collective or trust so as to enable those who wish to work the land ;the ability to do so. The vision is about lifestyle and the evolution of consciousness... but it is NOT socialism- Nor communism... it is symbiosis. And those that do their part do so with absolute free will and unconditional love.

This was and still is in essence Christ’s vision for the Kingdom of God on Earth- as it already is in acting out our individual revelations, we assist in the ascendance of others on their evolutionary plane of consciousness...their spiritual journey. This is in itself a great be a light worker... an “evangelist”

( literally ; to carry or bring the light in the correct way to others).

3. We need to understand how waste is destroying the world and the future generations to come. We need to eat less animals, use less non-renewable resources( plastics and fossil fuels) ... we need to create rainbow academies of learning... of Living Light.... imagine :


Our mission is to enable you to


-to learn to listen and to take responsibility for the multi-universe

You are in. Indeed, we need to home school our children through “ RAINBOW SCHOOLS”... it can only be truth that empowers... these academies that will follow these schools will empower the new 5th generation of warriors and disciples to fight the good fight. “The Indigo.”

4. We need to create wealth to be able to fight our enemy wherever and whenever he or she tries to persecute us. And the persecutions will come !

Every new movement is always persecuted by the establishment until it prevails. History has shown us this time and time again...

We need to develop an alternative reality that is better than the mess that already exists in both the capitalist and the socialist /democrat nations; and those in the developing nations- striving to feed and provide a living for the ever growing population yet polluting the environment and exploiting the masses by cheap slave labour.

5.We need to use ecocentric sources of power; I call this


“The development of an alternative ethical economy based on symbiosis with the environment and human beings.”

It is about using alternative and independent sources of energy that are renewable... that doesn’t harm or hurt the host we live on EARTH...we need “rainboat flotillas to travel from one continent to another...

We need to develop new sources of power by downloading knowledge from other galaxies... new sustainable technologies... not existing on parasitic ones that are controlled by the select few...

Solar power, wind, wave, thermal, methane, green fuels...fusion energy, light energy... gravity and antimatter...the technology exists... we must focus our collective intelligence to applying this hidden knowledge to save humanity from its path of inevitable extinction.

This is the purpose of the Intergalactic Rainbow family. To make contact with higher intelligences to save our species and all beings on this planet.

I believe it can be done if we are willing to open our minds enough. To expand the human consciousness. It is an act of will, individual and collective will. It is essentially an internal action of choice.

We choose to open our minds to receive new information. We don’t hold onto fixed ideas; but are pragmatic.

If the new information doesn’t develop our thinking then we cannot progress- evolve. But this new information should lead to a new and better truth. For example... riding a bicycle instead of walking to get to a destination quicker. BUT – IF WE BY WALKING we get to the destination quicker...then it is better to walk.

6. So the rainbow revolution is about the evolution of consciousness, the human experiment... warriors around the world need to work to create top medical clinics- free healthcare for all of the best standard...and to its credit... that is what the National Health System has done over the last 60 years in Britain.

We need to develop and own media tools that can communicate to the oppressed in city slums, estates and high density suburbs... we need indeed to become beacons of hope to a sick and dying world...

We need to teach our truths to one another as well as to learn them from others in humility.... we need to be the living light to those who have been blinded by the darkness...

We need to catch the vision of a better world for all...!

We need to find each other in our” lostness” , as men of clay and embrace each other with compassion and empathy... love and listen to one another ; we need to tolerate each and every colour and resonance...

We need to heal a fragmented society with our commitment and covenant of love – Gods unconditional yet precious love as a rainbow family of many colours. We should never abuse Grace when it is handed to us on a platter. Recognise the gift and we are in heavens lift...

We need to stop wasting time, lives, energy, happiness, love, resources, food, opportunities and chances.

We need to stop these genders and class wars that are destroying the values that have held nations together for millennia... ie marriage, families, lives...


Because the greatest crime of all is a wasted life. ( Scrooge was right)

We all truly need healing today.

We need to truly be “One within the One” , and vibrate it to all... with a single prayer that” all the beings in all the worlds be happy...”

We need to be radical and selfless yet reasonable and fulfilled – we need to work harder together for the rainbow revolution to take place in every human heart and for this “rEvolution” to claim the Lost Horizon...

We can do it if we believe in our hearts the vision of a greater gathering of all the tribes, tongues ,creeds and colours... until LOVE conquers ALL; and there are no more enemies left on this planet Earth to fight.

Until there is true EQUILIBRIUM. Until true peace reigns in our heart of hearts;

... thus we , the light beings of the greater rainbow family of living light invite all who read this to join in the caravan to the promised land...



Part Two: The Message of the Pilgrim

With great power comes great responsibility, with great responsibility comes great sacrifice ... the greater the sacrifice, the greater the responsibility and the greater the power.

With power also comes gain authority one must gain discipline; self- discipline... to gain this discipline one must forego all other attachments and focus on the primary goal; if you wish to become a saint, you need to ascend level by ascend you must gain desire; if your desire is pure you will ascend with discipline and with practise...consistency.

When you begin to control your body, you will also begin to control your heart; the key is to generate honest will through self- discipline...and of course ... true thought desires.

The battle to rule oneself begins in the mind...When desire is generated honestly, so too will the power within you to change also be generated; the key to understanding this is to look at your current state of degeneration; and to get tired of it.

Sometimes to get tired you need to allow yourself to degenerate;

It is at a total state of degeneration that you will begin to desire strongly ... salvation... some form of release from the pain you feel.

It is no accident that early Christianity came at a time when the Roman Empire had degenerated into opulence, ORGIES and degradation. We see it in the modern empires of Britain and America... the desire for salvation comes at a time of spiritual deprivation, greed, egoism, narcissism, wastefulness and denigration...i.e. spiritual poverty.

To gain salvation you must look vertically – and not laterally... it is at this point that we can gain the strength to ask for the power... yes, the power... the journey to power is the refining process that leads to authority.

Authority is achieved when levels of growth are made in the inward person or inner Man; by ascending we also by proxy transform our environment, our person and our life situation. There is no secret to this formula. It works for one and all.

The key to understanding this is also to understand our ego...or the ego... the ego is your driving force within you towards the state of salvation , when you are able to discipline all your thoughts and their desires whether good or bad , real or illusionary... and to put your mind into unity with your heart will find peace....true peace.

When you are one with yourself, you will be able to sustain your desires for what you do not or cannot have ... the journey within is also a journey of life discovery.

Once you are able to declare: “I AM ONE!”... you will have won the struggle to BE... the power to unlock your inner power is the greatest secret you will have...

If you are able to achieve this freedom; you will lack for nothing... you will be ETERNAL... A being of LIVING LIGHT...emanating and vibrating at frequencies unimaginable...

It is in this dimension, what is called the “ levitation dimension”- ie where you are able to rise up above your physical life on this earth plane and look at it from external eyes... it is in this “golden dimension of resonance” that you will transcend and ascend ALL... believe it... it’s yours...its everyone’s...


To be a pilgrim on this planet... one has to keep removing all attachments whether they are emotional, physical or mental... and to keep moving so as to refine ones truth and to find ones inner peace and freedom.

This essentially is what the Rainbow Family has been doing since 1972. But it is nothing new... pilgrims have existed since time began...and will exist until time ends...Our destination is right here and now in real time....


See you on the road...



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