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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Piccadilly June 1st 2017

On 28th May we planned walking on Green Park and Hyde Park. Part of the Green Park was used for the charity marathon’s course, and this didn’t let us follow the part of the walking course recommended by ‘Walking London’s Parks and Gardens.’ However, when we arrived at the start of the avenue flanked by poplar trees along Constitution Hill, it appeared a tranquil scene surrounded by greens and we enjoyed a peaceful atmosphere. We then reached the busy roundabouts by Hyde Park Corner. We remembered the Wellington Arch and Apsley House, both of which are managed by English Heritage, and walked past war memorials. We entered Hyde Park from the southeast side and strolled through lovely rose garden with spectacular collections and displays of scented flowers and herbaceous plants. Many of those flowers, old roses ... read more
Rose Garden

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Piccadilly September 6th 2013

Everyone said it would be different to study abroad and that I would be in a culture shock for the first weeks. It wasn't until today that I finally knew what they were talking about. We took a 2.5 hour bus ride to London right after classes were finished on Thursday. We went straight to the hotel with no time to explore the sites around us. Seeing the first double decker red bus really got us all excited. We woke up early Friday morning to head to the underground railroad or better known as the tube to the locals. This was so exciting for men because the logo used today is a big part of Graphic Design history. We took the tube to Tower Hill where we enter the Tower of London. Thankfully we had a ... read more
Horse Armour in the Tower of London
Famous Bridge
Famous Statue in Piccadilly Circus

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Piccadilly December 6th 2012

Hello Blog-followers, and a belated happy new b'ak'tun (or happy new year if you're not familiar with b'ak'tuns.) We are a wee bit late in publishing some of our latest blogs as we got a little side tracked. We briefly bounced between 3 of the world's continents this time around. Usually we seek out sun and warmth due to our homebase being situated in the subarctic (you know - that cold, dark, windy thing at the top) but his time we happenstanced upon rain and clouds mainly... It was an unlikely trip... But not just because of the clouds?!... We left Canada on a night flight across the Atlantic and had quite the lay-over in London Heathrow. Because airports are generally quite dull structures we decided to take the underground train to Piccadilly Circus to explore ... read more
The Thames
The Houses of Parliament.
Big Ben.

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Piccadilly May 28th 2012

Captain’s Log... 28.05.2012 Picadilly Circus, London 12_35: Waiting outside the local Coach store for our coach bus to pick us up to go see Liz Haliday, a three-day eventer, race car driver, and news anchor. Our group has been having a lot of bad luck lately, especially with busses. But today is a brand new day; our weekend has been pretty crisis-less so our good luck is sure to continue! 12_58: Still waiting… 13_08: Jordan called our bus company, a bridge somewhere has been closed down, and so our bus has to take a detour to get to us. So no worries, and Ms. Haliday knows that we are going to be a little bit late. 13_30: Our coach bus has arrived! With air conditioning, and a bathroom! We’ve all loaded on and are now on ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Piccadilly May 11th 2012

Artist: Sigur Ros Track: Sven-g-englar It's Friday, and London is certainly lively! Here I am, once again, the same location as per my first day in London. I am trying to kill time by sipping onto a cup of Hot Chocolate @ Cafe Nero, while waiting to meet a friend, Paul, for dinner later at 8PM nearby Angel Tube Station. To be honest, I am really hungry now.. but I'll just wait for him so that I can make the most out of my dinner later; wouldn't want to spoil it! Oh, forgot to update about the yesterday. I was up quite early, and decide to pay a visit to Tate Modern. A good friend in Singapore told me that Damien Hirst is holding his exhibition there. Well, I am not a big fan of museums ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Piccadilly May 8th 2012

*Track title: Introducing Palace Players Artist: Mew Well, hello London! First time here.. isn't really that bad afterall. Well, I refuse to sleep after 12 hours of flying from Singapore to London. I was booked on Etihad Airways when the check in counter staff in Singapore told me that my flight was overbooked! Instead, they transferred me to Singapore Airlines, which is great, my beloved national carrier.. and probably one of the best airlines in the world! Singapore Girl, you're definitely a great way to fly! (I'm gay but whatever). Plus point: A direct one way flight, without having the need to stopover. I reached Heathrow Airport at 5.59AM on 8th May 2012, and it was bloody freezing! I still love my tropical climate back in Singapore... but not during the haze period (urgh!). Heathrow Airport ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Piccadilly November 27th 2011

Ugh. What? It's Sunday? Bugger. So, I was initially planning on writing a brief little update about the shocking number of dick jokes in The Barber of Seville, and generally what a classy night at the opera can be, but finals, and more intriguingly London came up. So that's postponed til post finals. Right, so, London. I'm going to pop off, get a nice mug of Glühwein (take redwine, fairy dust and cinnamon, and a few minutes in a pot), possibly a pillow to scream in, and then I'll take advantage of this blog to bury the most costly five second mistake I have ever made. Ok, we're back, and I'm slightly more relaxed, let's gather round and hear the story of Thanksgiving. So way back in the day a group of buckle-shoed ... read more
Tower of London
The Globe

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Piccadilly July 5th 2011

My last day in London. I have to thank my wonderful running shoes for taking me on a glorious jog along the Thames River. I have included some pictures of my glorious Hostel. Super Fancy. I wondered through Borough Market. I have to say the highlight was the CHEESE STORE. Wheels of cheese were stacked to the ceiling, it was AMAZING, and the smell was…well you could tell it was a cheese market. I went to the Tate Modern Museum to check out some different artwork. I didn’t know I would find works by Monet, Dali, and Picasso. One of the most interesting pieces was a pile of sunflower husks. It was done by Ai Weiwei….it turns out every single husk is actually handmade out of porcelain. The artist was arrested in China for his liberal ... read more
All of those are hand made!
I thought it was rad. By Cy Twombly

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Piccadilly June 27th 2011

Some pictures, with some accompanying description. Just click on the photo. A full entry to come soon. ... read more
The London Eye
Trafalgar Square
The London Eye

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Piccadilly June 17th 2011

Finally arrived here in england. im not sure what i was expecting but it wasnt this! this city is fucking massive!!! poeple everywhere! i was walking about yesterday as i got of the tube from heathrow and was bombarded with poeple trampling over everthing like cattle! quite a site to see. we are staying in a backpackers hostel in picadilly, its right in the heart of london. yesterday we went for a bit of a walk and ended up in trafalgar sqaure. had a real tasty pizza and a beer. I like it here i asked for a glass of beer and they bring out tall boys of peroni. we had a drink at some random pub as well everyone seems super friendly and we started drinking with some austrians. couldnt understand a word they said ... read more

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