Waffles and Chocolate

Published: July 1st 2006
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mmm... wafflesmmm... wafflesmmm... waffles

The very romantic waffle house in Brugge- I had bananas and chocolate!
Hey everyone,
So I am now in a kick ass hostel in London after having been to Belgium and back; Danielle has discovered more Buyse's and is super excited by it! We went to Brugge and spent 2 days in a bed and breakfast, which was very cool- basically a whole house to ourselves because it wasn't busy- adn then took the bicycles into the city. Danielle was super impressed with the city and the fact that there were other Flemish people there, i mostly laughed at the strange language (Dutch is a funny language to me becuase all there are are vowels!) and ate chocolate and waffles!
Basically Brugges is good for relaxing, bikes and waffles... the place we stayed was awesome and we both loved it!

Anywyas, I have to go now, but I will write more later... for thsoe of you who know him, I am meeting Michael tomorrow- don't worry, I will for sure get the dirt on him!

Katie 😊


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