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April 29th 2011
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The atmosphere in the whole of London was electric. Every window display in every shop had some tribute to the wedding. Flags were everywhere as were the souvenir sellers. Selfridges had a royal tea party going on in their window with masked royals acting out the scenes.

We wanted to watch the events near to the action but with a big screen to have some idea what was going on. We got to the outskirts of Trafalger square and could see glimpses of the screen when tiptoeing and straining our necks. People were taking every vantage point possible from the top of shop verandas phone boxes lamp posts to even upturned metal shopping baskets from nearby Boots chemist (the security guard allowing it just for the occasion ). It was awesome being part of such a huge crowds response to every slightest development on screen. There was a big gasp with the first glimpse of Kate getting into the car from the hotel even though there was no detail to be seen. And spontaneous clapping when the queen was first shown , along with all the clapping and cheering at key points through the ceremony.

We moved to Southbank during the ceremony for a more comfortable screen view of the procession and balcony kiss. Again there was a big gasp when the second kiss happened. A highlight was seeing the planes fly over us then seeing them on the screen a few seconds later. They were so low which was amazing given how built up the area is.

The crowd was awesome. Polite and friendly, and very family orientated with lots of young people. So many people made the effort to dress up patriotically.

Rhonda prepared our day well as we all had our own flags to wave and a packed English celebration lunch of salmon cream cheese sandwiches, scotch eggs, battenburg cake, and champagne. Yum. She'd also been busy cooking for and organising the street party for her block of flats. That started at 5 and was great. Good chance to meet the neighbours majority of whom for some reason are gay. Everyone put just as much effort as Rhonda into the food, decorations, and fun of the night. A lot were dressed up for the occasion. My cousin Brent came along as well to see us which was great after not having seen him for around twenty years

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Rhonda & Brent at street partyRhonda & Brent at street party
Rhonda & Brent at street party

with celebratory wedding cake
Putting up the buntingPutting up the bunting
Putting up the bunting

Michele, George, & Kesh
Party foodParty food
Party food


2nd May 2011

We watched the Wedding in NZ. It reminded us of your wedding we gasp when Gee kissed Jen. What year was that? Max

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