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April 27th 2006
Published: April 27th 2006
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No jobs yet, but im trying out a little thing selling paintball tickets. Its commission only so im a bit hum har over it... might give it a few days.. we'll see. It has a really good social circle (free piss ups every friday night etc..) so yea, and it does have the potential to earn a lot of money (guys who have been there for 6 months or so are getting around £1k per week now), but being commission only the first few weeks i can imagine are pretty tough (the more you sell, the more you get per sale. ATM I would only get £10 per sale, the above guys are getting £49 per sale) so yea. I have a reasonable amount of savings so im not too stressed yet).

Or I have the option of cutting a toe off and getting it sewn back on by student doctors for £10,000 haha.

weather has been pretty good here. been 15-20 degrees the past few days with only a little rain. was up at 4am on tues for the dawn cerimony which was nice... winston peters, don brash and jon hunt were all there.
The sun here is coming up at about 5am, so sleep is a bit of a bitch at the moment, especially cause there is a lot of noise outside our flat.

Thats about it for the mo.. gonna wait until i start earning £££ before setting my computer up, so photos and things like that will probaly have to wait a few more weeks.


3rd May 2006

Fingers and Toes
Hey... Why not let those student doctors cut off 1 middle toe on each foot and re-attach... thats what... $50-60k ??
5th May 2006

Your office Drawers
Hi Julian, We've just now had to move your drawers for our new Senior Analyst (Shawn Tarafder), and found them in a disgusting state. If you could head back to New Zealand at your earliest convenience to clean them it would be much appreciated. Its definitely your mess as it seems to be a lot of brown energy supplement powder. Regards Mark.

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