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October 6th 2010
Published: October 6th 2010
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If anyone is still reading this blog, I apologise for my lack of recent entries. I have now had a good rethink of everything and now know what I'm doing, where I'm going and how very special I really am. 😊

Being the kind of doughnut I am, I laid out some grand plans for my six months off but reality has slapped me across the face with a wet fish and told me not to be so grandiose. The problem with the USA and Canada that I never appreciated is just how vast they are. A lot of the places I was planning to go were on the way to places I actually wanted to go, rather than being places I actually wanted to go in and of themselves (for example I was going to go to Baltimore, Washington and Philadelphia on the way to Virginia but I don't have any genuine interest in any of those three cities, they were just handy stops). I like my history and old architecture and different cultures and there is relatively little of either in the US and Canada (and if I hear the word 'liberty' just once more I am going to kick a puppy!). There is frankly no point in spending thousands of pounds and a couple of weeks travelling to Virginia to spend an hour looking at the Jamestown dig. It defies sense, and while I do that happily on a daily basis, in this case, I'm licked (and not in a good way).

I've been home for the past few weeks and I've realised that I probably should have had a few weeks off before I set off at all and just relaxed. Relaxing has always been my greatest weakness, I just feel like I'm wasting my life. We only get so many days. But I've realised now that relaxing is a passtime in itself and I really needed it, a nice, quiet time away from everything. I've done some writing, some reading, a bit of breathing, but now that I've writ and read and breathed I am itching to get out there and spend the remaining 5 months seeing places I really want to see. As far as North America goes there are a few places I'd really like to see, eg Quebec and Hawaii, but as they're romantic locations and I'm on me todd, I don't see the point. All you ladies at The Learning Trust had your chance but you've made your beds so you'll have to lie in them (without me 😊). So on Monday as my first move I'm off to gay (and hetero) Paris, city of love, for a week to find myself a fabulous French fillie (and do some wine-tasting)!

I've been examining cruises as a great way to see lots of cities in a short time. A Med cruise would take me to Athens, Venice, Cairo and other places I'd like to see while there is a fabulous cruise coming up in January that takes in Spain, the Canaries, the Caribbean, Mexico and New Orleans. I'm in the process of investigating these and also will be flying out to some fun cities over the next few months, Paris being the first. Updates here of course. I did look at a world cruise which sets off in January and visits 40 cities around the globe but at £20000 its a little steep. Having said that, if I could find a nice lady to share it with me, it would fall within my price range. Who knows, hope springs eternal, no retreat, no surrender and all that jazz.

In the meantime I haven't been completely idle. I've visited the Golden Hinde, Tate Modern, the Clink (museum, not Wormwood Scrubs), Southwark Cathedral, lots of pubs (don't get hangovers anymore as I don't have the stress of work). My write up on these will follow shortly. Tomorrow I'm off to the National Army Museum in Chelsea then taking in the Bavarian beerhouse on the way back.

Those who are working, enjoy your work. Those who ain't, shame on you, shirkers!


14th October 2010

good thinking
Glad to hear you took some time off and also that you now have another plan

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