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April 5th 2006
Published: April 5th 2006
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Been in london over a week now. staying at ISH hostel um... somewhere. westminster... near oxford st.
Sorted out a bank account yesterday, which was easy enough. IEP/Bunac helped heaps with this cause it probaly would have otherwise taken a few weeks to sort one out.
havnt started looking for a job yet, cause im a slack ass, and want to wait until i get into our flat in bayswater first, just so all of that is settled. Too much moving around of bags and stuff... hostels kinda suck.

Havnt done too much touristy stuff, as i did it all when i came here last, so ive just been cruising around, getting some of the formatlities like orientation and the bank account out of the way. It'll be good to move into the flat next week and knuckle down. Pretty sure a trip to oxford or edinburgh is in the pipelines soonish, as is paris and amsterdam.

Weather has been mint. Cold, but sunny. Has only rained once since we've been here.. and today its a cloudless day. Guess we've been lucky with that.
Havnt watched TV at all over here, which is kinda weird. that'll change next week though cause there's one in the flat.
Apart from that, there isn't much else to tell... not a lot really has happened, so yea... till next time!


6th April 2006

Slack Ass
Yeah - get off your ass and get a job. I want a flash place to stay when I come over :)
6th April 2006

Slack Ass
Yep - you are - get a job slacker. I want a flash place to stay when I come over ;)
9th April 2006

Bloody Hell Ju
ditto babe
9th April 2006

It doesn't rain in London.
It doesn't rain in London, its just grey all the bloody time!

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