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April 5th 2002
Published: April 5th 2002
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Old Spitalfields MarketOld Spitalfields MarketOld Spitalfields Market

The huge indoor area - smaller than it used to be.
Today is my last working day before starting a new life of travel and leisure.

As working days go today is going to be pretty good. Arriving a little on the late side, going for a long lunch and then leaving early to host my leaving drinks. I've worked in an investment bank Lehman Brothers in the City for the last nine months, but it isn't really what I want to do long term - I don't think I'm well suited to financial corporate life. (Hi everyone from Lehman's)

Lunch - first we tried the trendy city pub just behind Liverpool St. station, but no joy, huge queues and a 45 min wait for food. So we went to one of my favourite places in the area Old Spitalfields Market. Lots of (relatively) cheap food and market stores. A little bit like the Camden Town markets but a stones throw from the big financial institutions of the city. Recently a consortium of businesses planned to build an office block on the site, but part of the market has since been saved, see the website above for more details.

My leaving drinks started at five and finished at 11pm - which is
Inside Hamilton HallInside Hamilton HallInside Hamilton Hall

Bill and John and Me.
pretty good going - we went to Hamilton Hall - a J D Wetherspoon's pub - I like the food there and the beer is pretty cheap and good, for the city.

Well here are some photos of the day ... now where did I put the paracetamol?

Additional photos below
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Leaving DrinksLeaving Drinks
Leaving Drinks

Angelica and Tania.
Lehman BrothersLehman Brothers
Lehman Brothers

This is where I've worked for the last 9 months.

12th February 2005

start to read your journals.... hehe~!!
12th January 2007

Reading your blog from Calcutta, India
If its you who has started this blog, then its a great thing that others have only dreamt of and you have done it. You must keep it up for the sake of others just because all good things later turn up to become public property stading high so that others could see and feel.
31st March 2008

I am jealous
I'd love to live a life of travel and leisure. How do you manage financially??
18th November 2008

Lehman Brothers
We are glad you left Lehman Brothers!
13th June 2012

i love your blog! so inspiring. I've done some travelling myself but of course not as much as you have. But I'm definitely inspired... hope I get do as much in the future...
25th August 2013

The state of the interwebs...
11 years on (2013) I just took a look at the links I posted on this blog back in 2002, not one of the three are relevant now, Lehman is bankrupt, Old Spitalfields has a proper domain now, and Wetherspoons let the domain lapse. Time to update the links.
24th September 2013

Travel blogs have come a long way since your first Travelblog...
and TB has a long way to go still. Thanks for making this possible!

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