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June 13th 2008
Published: June 14th 2008
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ok, so, just put the baby to sleep. peter was exhausted from a really tiring long week. annoying clients and working long hours, poor sod.
in the mean time, here i am, writing this at 11.10 pm, trying to keep myself busy as i am intending to sleep as little as possible tonight.
i am determined to enjoy hong kong as much as possible so i am trying to win the jet lag in no time by preparing myself beforehand.
ok, sure, i might just waste my time and doing this for no actual benefit. but at least i am giving it a try.

so everything is packed and ready. almost really. still have to pack up the hand luggage but all what is needed is on the sofa so it will be easy to just ram in the back pack. other than that i have my tropical and winter and summer clothes packed in a 17kg trolly. quite surprised -and pleased- with myself. when i was younger, especially when i was living in Cambridge, i used to travel with at least 35 kg suitcases carrying all my belonging back and forth. tons and tons of music cassettes, clothes and shoes. my relatives used to be so amazed and puzzled on how i could be bothered to drag so much weight each way. this procedure was usually also when i was simply going back home for the period of one week.
quite the opposite, now people are surprised how light i travel. usually only a hand luggage and that is it. thank god for the ipod really and mp3s. and ok, fair enough, i admit it, i have tons of clothes in milan as well so there is no much point in bringing things there.
still, i have faith in my credit cards. if i need anything, i know i can just buy it.

as a last dinner before the big adventure me and peter went to a cosy and romantic dinner at a place called Fish in the bourough market. really yummy food, highly recomend it if you happen to looking for food in that neck of the wood. the lobster is really really good.
heck, it was our last night for the next 3 months (not to mention a good occasion to celebrate our future birthdays) so it was allowed to splash out a bit!

ok so now i am listening to a very old record of Edoardo bennato that i copied about 20 years ago. it reminds me of the italian summers we used to have as kids. walking around the block with my friend valeria and her dog. the warm air and the smell of the garden and its plants and flowers. those were the days. not to mention playing volleyball in the courtyard. we must have been quite of burden to our neighbours. heck, it was fun for us.
an annedote of those days was that we used to know every "woman waiting for the bus" (aka prostitutes) that were lingering at the street corners waiting for the odd customers. they were really sweet and nice to us and they were known and respected by the neighborhood as well, coming to think about it. for those not familiar to milan, it is quite common to have these ladies at street corners. not that we were in a bad neighborhood, it was just the way it was.. ermh, still is. the mother of them all was this woman in her forties/fifties called Moira. bless her. a woman of a distinguished size, that used to have a mullet hairdo. obviously always wearing skin tight clothes. no surprise there, we've never seen her pulling a soul. except the very odd old customer. that was probably an old friend or someone who just ran out of money and needed a friendly hand, or simlpy a chat. we used to speculate in guessing how much she would charge per session. we could never justify a price tag of more than 7-10 pounds.

ok, need to reboot the computer to install some programs.
probably going to sleep quite soon as well.. tired!


15th June 2008

Happy Birthday
Howdy! Happy Birthday and Hope you are having a fab time in HK right now! Judging by our brief conversation you are suriving my family out there and I heard it stopped raining just for you! Good luck with your onward journey to Oz and looking forward to hearing about all of it! xx

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