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October 22nd 2006
Published: October 23rd 2006
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So, I participated in a five a side netball tournament this Saturday.

Well, when I say netball, it was a variation of netball called 'speedball'. It is kind of like indoor netball, in that it is indoor and the courts are smaller than proper netball court, except for there are no nets. However, the walls of the court are really close to the sideline (sound familiar any St Andrew's Catheral Basketballers?) so they still have the rule that the ball never goes out and so you can bounce it off the walls. However, because the game is in a gym, there is all sorts of equipment along the walls, which obviously affects the bounce!!! In addition, the spectators are can sit along one side. so if the ball goes there - it's still in play -it's a mad (and potentially dangerous for the spectators) scramble to get it out.

However, the hardest rule is that, after every goal your team scores, your players change position - so that you rotate through all the positions throughout the game. As both teams rotate, it can be quite hard to remember who you are meant to be marking and whether you are offside/ supposed to be shooting etc.

Anyway - once you get the hang of it - it is quite fun.

Was a really great day (am feeling it in my muscles today though) and we ended up coming third (of 24 teams) which is pretty cool.

Our team name (in honour or Steve Irwin) was 'Steve's Stingrays' (the team was made up of three Aussies, a New Zealander and an English girl). Now you all know how I love to dress up, so I was in charge of the uniform - pretty impressive if I do say so myself!!!!

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