Published: August 28th 2011
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Lido Restaurant buffet breakfastLido Restaurant buffet breakfastLido Restaurant buffet breakfast

too much to choose from
This morning I woke up, looked out our window to see our luggage being off-loaded directly below us. We went to our last breakfast at the Lido Restaurant and sat at our favorite breakfast table. Gathering at our debarkation point, our Road Scholar group left the ship together and boarded our coach to Heathrow airport. After a surprisingly long ride we arrived at Heathrow and began the "rat maze" of departure. You know, find the right terminal, get your luggage off the bus, walk in to check in, get in line (only the beginning!!) Crowds of people, all looking to find their correct airline, check-in line, weighing of bags, security line, departure gate, departure time. ACH!!!

At last, we're at the gate and find a student group of about 35 (all with their orange back packs) with 2 teacher/advisors telling them how to fill in the customs declarations form. Ahhh, memories of a former life, occupation. How nice to sit back and watch them all struggle and NOT be responsible. "Which line do I put my address on again"?

Eventually, we board the plane and fly to Atlanta,GA. It's hot and humid! and again, we're in a rat maze
our favorite breakfast tableour favorite breakfast tableour favorite breakfast table

Charlotte & john the early birders
line to go through US Customs (where's that customs declaration card?) They stamp our passports and we find our luggage, discover we have to take a tram to the other terminal and the luggage has to go on another moving belt to get to "the other terminal" WHAT?? There goes security! So we do it!! and are eventually outside on the motel/hotel pick up lanes, in the blazing sunshine, with luggage and sweating like a pig! We wait for 1/2 an hour in the HEAT, and finally get to the hotel. (And we wanted to be here??)

We immediately went into the pool to cool off as the sun set, then had a late dinner at McDonald's. Thank goodness for those salads on McD's menu. We learned two things : Don't travel through Atlanta, and think twice about traveling in the summer again!

The next morning, we flew to Portland and welcomed the COOL NW temperature and climate. Don't complain to me about the rain and overcast. No sympathy here!! We're glad to be home.

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off-loading our luggageoff-loading our luggage
off-loading our luggage

at Tilbujry port, London

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