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Luckily it occurred to me to check my flight itinerary in between skype calls with friends in the US last night...because I am leaving for India a day earlier than I thought. All's well that ends well, being at the Jevon's for a night, Mummy very sweetly,took me to my hotel at Heathrow Airport, Helena and I said farewell in the wee hours of the morning as she is off to Kent for appointments this week. Her parents welcomed me like one of their own. Left behind my winter clothes and have my packs ready...😊
Helena and I spent about 5 hours driving on New Year's day intending to go to Glastonbury, ended up North near the Lake district versus south, stopped at a service area for grounding and clarity while I explored the service area...there are these amazing service areas on the motorways; They always have a petrol station, coffee shop, convenience store, and food. Some have lodging and usually a pedestrian bridge that connects to the other side of the motorway. Decided to go back to Lou's in Norwich. Glastonbury, hopefully, I will visit on my way through next time, also I have an invite to go to Wales😊

Richie bowling champ yet I think Helena had the highest scores
Watched "It's Complicated" So funny!!! had a nice sleep again on the couch...the best couch ever (thanks Lou), gives me hope for the "couch potato" site I have been turned on to for possible accommodation. Had a very unusual experience that night, I was awoken by a very strong presence, I could not talk, barely breathe, if I could have screamed for help I would have, then I relaxed and it felt like something released from me. My last night in Chelmsford; Helena, Richie and I went bowling and played pool. Have not bowled in forever, lessons were definatly needed as Helena's got another discovered talent😊
I have to say the English beer is a bit disappointing, yet did find a nice bitter that is served room temp. Sorry Jim I did not catch the name of it😊
England is a very mystical country, I am glad to have been able to come back after 17 years, still so much more to explore. Wanted to go to the British Museum to see the crystal skull, yet it was not in the cards.
With hopes to visit Scotland, Wales and of course my spiritual home Ireland later in my journey...Ta.

Great bowling teacher:)

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Helena and I quite poorly, I think I got 1 point each round:)

5th January 2011

Nice post
I agree to the fact that checking the tickets some times help a lot ! :)
17th February 2011

English Beer
The beer is supposed to be COLD!!!!!!! Room temperature indeed!!!! xxxx Looks like you are having a wonderful spiritually enriching journey! Enjoy - I am so jealous!! xxxx
28th February 2011

They insisted this was the proper way to serve this particular bitter:) Hopefully you can meet me somewhere this year!
28th February 2011

Awareness is key as well as flexibility

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