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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Hampstead May 25th 2017

Our little 'taste' of London. The collective ‘episodes’ (this being the first) describe our journey from our departure from Oz, our arrival in London from the 3rd week of May and onto to Portugal for a journey into the Portuguese culture and landscape. In the few weeks available to us, we cannot experience 'everything'. Even so, we'll do our best to enjoy all that is available. This 'episode' describes our London 'experience. We attach a few pics to give a flavour of our journey, and some may 'flow over' past the dialogue. If we do this, you may need to manually go to the 'spillover' page to see them. As always, if you want to 'see' more detail in an accompanying picture, click it to enlarge. . Monday 22nd May 2017. . Departing Gold Coast for ... read more
London weeds!
Park Beauty
Hammersmith Bridge (on Thames)

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Hampstead May 19th 2013

20.5. Změna počasí a další cestování si vybírá svou daň. Nejen provoz venku, ale i zima, která se vkrádá přes nezatěsněná stará dřevěná okna mě budí nedospaného celkem brzy. Spím v pokoji, který má také okna hned na hlavní cestu Falloden Way, takže ráno je tam celkem hluk. Již včera večer se ochladilo, když to porovnám s Cornwallem. Vyřizuji si věci na internetu a píšu poslední týden svého blogu než vyrazím až odpoledne ven. Před odchodem ještě potkávám Hanku a Honzu, kteří si přijeli pro svá zavazadla. Odlétají dnes do Brna, stejným letem jako já ve středu. Byli si ještě ráno nakoupit v Lilly Whites, to je asi šesti-patrový obchoďák zaměřený jen na sportovní věci, který jsem jim doporučil. Člo... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Hampstead October 16th 2011

Mark took a day off work on 7th October, and we planned to visit Kenwood House and Pergola Hill Garden on Hampstead Heath. We entered the Hampstead Heath from the foot of Willow Road, at the junction of Devonshire Hill. Mark was reading the map and navigating our route. We had a picnic lunch on the way to Kenwood House. It was a long time since we had last visited Kenwood House. We had heard that the roof would be revamped and renovation work would start from this winter, thus we decided to visit there before it closed for the long term. We looked at a number of beautiful portraits and landscape paintings by Sir Joshua Reynolds, Van Dyck, Thomas Gainsborough, and John Constable, and furniture, the painted ceilings and fringes which were re-designed, furnished, and ... read more
Mark walking on the walkway

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Hampstead May 3rd 2011

I started doing the conservation cleaning on a voluntary basis in February this year. We visited Fenton House several years ago and remembered the porcelain collection, needlework, and Benton Fletcher’s keyboard collection. We learnt that Fenton House was one of the earliest and largest country houses which had been built in Hampstead in the 17th century, and was resided in by various people, e.g. Mary Martin, widow of Admiral William Martin, James Fenton, George Careless Trewby, and Katherine Lady Binning in the past. Having heard that 29th April 2011 would become the Bank Holiday due to the Royal Wedding Day, we thought it would be a good opportunity to look round Fenton House in the morning. I had carried out the cleaning duties between 9 and 11 o’clock. Mark came to Fenton House at 11 o’clock. ... read more
view from the balcony

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Hampstead May 3rd 2011

We left Fenton House just after 12:30. We took a shortcut. We walked past New End Square, Burgh House to Well Walk. There were a couple of pubs where people were celebrating the Royal Wedding. Later on, we heard that 25 millions people watched the Royal Wedding. And, thousands of people had flocked to the West End on 29 April 2011. Thanks to this, Hampstead Heath was peaceful, and pleasant to walk. We had a picnic lunch, walked up to the Parliament Hill, rambled along the lake, and explored the woodland around Kenwood House in the afternoon. There were quite a few people with dogs and children on the Parliament Hill. It was hazy in the direction of the West End. The church bells were ringing throughout the afternoon to commemorate the Royal Wedding. It was ... read more
rhododendrons and Barbara Hepworth's sculpture

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Hampstead December 1st 2010

A charming 17th century brick house, i.e. Fenton House, stands among the Hampstead village on the Hampstead Grove, which is along the Holly Hill, off High Street. The brick house was initially built in 1686. The wealthy merchant, Philip Fenton bought the house in 1793 and his nephew James named the mansion Fenton House. You will find the portrait of James Fenton in the entrance hall. There were a number of residents and servants lived between 1793 and the beginning of the 20th century. Nevertheless, it is said that the features of the architecture of the house has been almost unchanged during more than 300 years of occupation. The last resident was Mrs Billing. She gave the property and contents to the National Trust in 1952. Her memorabilia and collections include oriental, English, and German porcelain, ... read more
An apple orchard

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Hampstead March 16th 2010

An early and inspirational design, an unusual property for the National Trust to own, the brick terraced building was designed by the surrealist movement architect, Erno Goldfinger in the late 1930s. Designing it as a family home for himself and his family in 1939, he lived at 2 Willow Road until his death nearly 50 years later. He had an interest in the integration of art and architecture. The Goldfingers were keen to host and organise the exhibitions at home and collect art works. They collected 60 art works over the 50 years of life at 2 Willow Road. The building is ideally suited for displaying sculptures, paintings, and ornaments with its exceptionally good use of light and those art works are displayed in the large area of wall space and on the wide window ledges ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Hampstead February 8th 2010

So, I'm going to try something new and relinquish control of my blog. I have recently found a new travel partner (some might call him my boyfriend, but why argue over semantics), we'll call him Chris (remember him from the trip to Japan?). Since he so graciously let me drag him through the UK, I figure I should let him voice his opinion on the trip. Have no fear - I will be editing and adding comments as necessary. :) Hello, faithful Kate in Africa readers. I sincerely hope none of you will take issue with the fact that this entry is neither written by Kate nor about Africa. But she's taken a very literal approach to our holidays - that is, by making me write her entries while she's lounging around and reading the latest ... read more
King's Cross train station
Tower of London

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Hampstead July 6th 2009

Our Hedgehog Family! On the 18th of June Rupesh and I got home about 11.30pm. It was a Thursday evening and I had been paddling in Richmond and then had dinner at the club. As I walked towards the pathway leading towards the front door I thought I saw something cross the path. A bit late for squirrels I thought as they are only out during the day normally. Then...just under the hedge I saw a little hedgehog. Rupesh ran inside and got the torch and when he came out I found a big one and a baby huddled together under the hedge. Then I pointed to another big one on the grass which Rupesh was quick to say was a rock but on closer inspection it was a hedgehog curled up in a ball and ... read more
Food on my Nose!
First Hedgehog Sighting in Neighbors Garden!
Baby from Family of 3

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Hampstead February 23rd 2009

This will be my travel blog while I am away - a little premature I know but I am too excited about going! Feel free to leave me any messages/hints/tips of places to visit if you been there! And importantly, updates on football scores! ... read more

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