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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Croydon July 22nd 2014

Well I'm not as efficient as John Denver, but I will be packed later this evening in preparation for an early start tomorrow morning. A cab is booked for 05:15 to go to East Croydon for the train to Gatwick. I'll post again when we've landed at Skiathos, caught the ferry over to Skopelos and checked into what I'm promised will be sea view rooms at the Aeolos Hotel. Yasso!... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Croydon September 1st 2012

Hello blog world! Who would have thought that my first ever blog would be from somewhere so exotic as Croydon. Even though I've set this up as a South America blog, I've been having a little South East UK adventure for the past year - Epsom, Epsom, Hackney, Croydon (back to Epsom for a week) Croydon. I didn't plan this, but opportunities for cheap/free lodgings came along and I am happy to report that all pets, plants and workmen remained in good health under my supervision and my travel fund is more healthy as a result. So thanks homeowners - Matt, Catt, Amy, Al, Jim, Ang, David, Marney and Simon :) I'm flying out of Gatwick on the 14th September and plan to travel for a year. On my country hot list is Peru, Chile, Brazil, ... read more
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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Croydon February 13th 2012

The Lad Traveller - a blog made by people who don't go on a night out with their notebook in their back-pocket. Travelling websites are full of great advice right? I mean, just flick through your copy of Lonely Planet and you'll see page after page of useful information. Useful, but useful in the same way that a skirting board is useful; I'm sure it it does a job, but when it comes to actual practicality, it's really just a load of wasted tree. That's where The Lad Traveller comes in. This is where people come for travel information that they really need; you won't find information on the indigenous tribes of South America or how old the Borneo Rainforest is. What you will find is poorly researched, lazily written and vaguely offence articles on subjects ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Croydon September 30th 2009

Croydon 30/9/09 After a couple of days of being home I took out my guide book and looked at the notes that I had jotted down; not of the trip that I had just done but of the one that I wanted to take. These two months away in Africa have totally captured my heart as I have fallen totally for the region. What was in my guidebook was a plan to explore West Africa; well a plan was a overstatement, actually what it was was a line joining cities up with countries split in half. The line started from Yaounde in Cameroon (where I had actually had a job offer) linking up Lagos (Nigeria), Porto Novo (Benin), Accra (Ghana), Abidjan (Cote D'Ivoire), up to Bamako and the legendary Timba (Mali) back down to Freetown (Sierra ... read more
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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Croydon September 25th 2009

Mostly over jet lag, but still finding it a good excuse in getting out of bed late. Two nights in Royal Leamington Spa with Julian and Ellie, then a very early train to London on Thursday. By 9am I had come to terms with the bad news that I will not be visiting India on my trip. The apparent backlog in visa applications meant that I would not get my passport back until the following Wednesday. This would mean I couldn’t get my Iranian visa, and would miss my Paris train, my sleeper to Rome, and the last ferry for the year from Bari in Italy to Croatia. I was hugely looking forward to spending two weeks in India -and so many friends who have been there had told me how great a place it is ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Croydon December 25th 2008

So it's Christmas day and only 9 days left until my departure! I've bought a truck-load of equipment, clothes and gadgets (and some fantastic socks!) My parents have also been brilliant and bought me an amazing camera for my birthday (which I'll be spending on the shores of Lake Baikal in Siberia!) and I'll be uploading my favourite photos onto this blog. So to sum up these last few months of preparation, I've bought an RTW (Round-The-World) ticket which consists of about 12 flights for around £1,800 including all taxes (which seems amazing value). I've had about 15 injections covering everything from rabies to yellow fever to Japanese B encephalitis (whatever that might be). I've booked tours with Intrepid Travel and also with the Vodka Train (sounds promising). I've sent off for and received all the ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Croydon September 29th 2008

Our trip has been 11 months in the planning but we are about there. Off on 1 October for just short of six months. The plan is to be back in the UK on 25 March 2009. We have all the tickets and our brand new shiny back packs and have passed our walking exam thanks to Gail & Malcolm Thanks to all our friends, family and Planet Spice for the many goodbye drinks and best wishes. A big thank you to the guys and girls that came round on Saturday 27 September to say goodbye, with special thanks to: * Nancy for the guiness cake and for keeping the sofa warm for 2 hours * Angelo for dropping in from India * Wayne for staying awake all night * Jen for the ice shots, they ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Croydon August 18th 2008

Today we are off on an even bigger adventure. WE about to try and cram all of our last minute things into a day which is hard because alot of thing close between 4 and 6pm. Wish us luck. Here are some more snap shots :)... read more
Oldest part of the castle
Windsor 2
St. Georges Chapel

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Croydon August 13th 2008

Allo. It's now up to me (J) to post a blog for all your reading pleasure. Today started late, around 1230 we left here. We took the bus down to the tube where we proceded to find the British Museum. After not being able to locate it we gave up and went on a journey to go to the Tower of London. We spent about 2 hours looking for it...after going across the London bridge twice we finally managed to get to where we were going. The Tower of London is where they hold all the royal jewels. We got on to this moving sidewalk to keep people from gawking too long. There were signs telling us that picture taking is a big NO NO and I acturally got the 3rd degree from a Beefeater because ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Croydon August 13th 2008

After one evening of sensory overload in Trafalgar Square, Liecester Square and Piccadilly Circus we were ready to attempt sleep, but alas we were still on Nova Scotia time (gravol helped for one of us- Not M). J suffering with dry nostrils got her first nosebleed in the UK. Iceland has one wickedly secure airport. It is sleek and modern and they have cool luggage carts. The most interesting sight would have been the fish skin lamp shades. The airline was great and served us well. Heathrow Airport in very very large and busy and was the first moment where the sights and sounds were all around me (M). I cannot wait to visit the shops on our way back home. I will try and post some pics tomorrow, until then check your email. ... read more

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