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August 23rd 2016
Published: August 23rd 2016
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Yay! I couldn't find the real one, but happened upon this picture in a Cancun Airport terminal bar - almost as good!
Dear All

Just a quick one from me this time, just to let know that I've arrived home safely after an overnight British Airways flight from Cancun direct to Gatwick, and from there a train direct to East Croydon and a taxi home again.

It has indeed been a wonderful trip, and it's so good to start counting countries again! Up to 73 now, and the next step is to think about where to go this time next year...!

Whilst as always there's been the not-so-good combined with the good, I've learned over the years that this is part and parcel of the travelling thing. I've been able to mix up the experiences quite a bit, taking in cool highlands, tropical lowlands, verdant jungles, ancient ruins, colonial cities, smoking volcanoes, Caribbean beaches, and oh, a hurricane going by the name of Hurricane Earl also...! Fortunately this time I spent five weeks without having succumbed to any illnesses, bugs or tummy troubles, as well as having avoided the dreaded "Montezuma's Revenge"...

Thank you to Mexico and Guatemala for making me feel so welcome, your people are an honour to your countries, so polite, welcoming and decent people. Thank
My Travel ThingsMy Travel ThingsMy Travel Things

At journey end, not quite so neat and tidy as journey beginning...!
you also Belize, for your beautiful unspoilt beauty, and for helping me to appreciate the warmth and the hospitality of the Mexicans and Guatemalans.

It is at this stage of my journey, namely the end, where I part ways until my next travels - hopefully this time next year! The coming months will most likely see me narrowing down my choices of destination(s) for the next time, whilst the coming hours and days will see me pack, unwind, and put everything through a deep deep clean, including myself: the traditional hot bath and cold beer are awaiting me this evening.

So thank you for reading my blog, and for travelling this journey with me. I have enjoyed writing, and I really appreciate the time people take to read my thoughts, adventures and, sometimes, my ramblings. Until the next time - hasta la vista!


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My Stash of SouvenirsMy Stash of Souvenirs
My Stash of Souvenirs

I am indeed a K'At, Mayan Nahual: "they end up with great amounts of stones and relics on their altars, found and collected wherever they pass".
Hurricane Earl Hits the Belizean HeadlinesHurricane Earl Hits the Belizean Headlines
Hurricane Earl Hits the Belizean Headlines

I forgot I had bought this newspaper, the Sunday after Hurricane Earl hit

23rd August 2016

I've enjoyed Following your travels...
and your thanks to Belize for "helping me to appreciate the warmth and the hospitality of the Mexicans and Guatemalans"...HA!
24th August 2016

Thank you :)
Aw, thanks for following and for your kind words...! Yes, I didn't want to state my opinion on Belize to impolitely...
23rd August 2016

The trip of signs...
Those five weeks went quickly! We have enjoyed re-living bits of our trip through yours. Hope getting back to reality and work isn't too much of a shock to your system :)
24th August 2016

Indeed, they've gone really fast! Plenty to look back upon and learnt from now - still have another two weeks before returning to work, lots of time to rest up now :) I'm looking forward also to re-reading your blogs from the same places I visited, and also reading more on your journey through Mexico :D
26th August 2016

Only a few months to go
As one trip closes it gives you time to absorb, reflect, rest, remember, embrace all that you have experienced. Then you'll wake up one morning and realize you need to grab that next travel guide and start a new plan. Eager to hear your plan for next year.
27th August 2016

Thanks very much!
Thanks very much! And you're right, the return is a great time to ponder and reflect on all the experiences of the journey. And I also totally get the feeling of waking up and realising it's time to start planning the next :D

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