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February 13th 2012
Published: February 13th 2012
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The Lad Traveller - a blog made by people who don't go on a night out with their notebook in their back-pocket.

Travelling websites are full of great advice right? I mean, just flick through your copy of Lonely Planet and you'll see page after page of useful information. Useful, but useful in the same way that a skirting board is useful; I'm sure it it does a job, but when it comes to actual practicality, it's really just a load of wasted tree. That's where The Lad Traveller comes in.

This is where people come for travel information that they really need; you won't find information on the indigenous tribes of South America or how old the Borneo Rainforest is. What you will find is poorly researched, lazily written and vaguely offence articles on subjects as important as 'Sexual Techniques in the Dorm Room' and 'How to make sure your taxi driver isn't scamming your bollocks off'. On top of this, there will be also be plenty of articles on exciting and unusual activites such as 'Swimming with...Elephants' and 'Trying the local delicacies...Snake Pie!'

I'm not saying that informative guides like the Lonley Planet are pointless, far from it, but sometimes you need information that you just can't get in those books. That's the thing about travelling; you can halfway around the world, see some amazing sights and meet some incredible people, but they'll come a day when you want to know where you can get a really good cuppa or watch the football on a Saturday. The Lad Traveller aims to provide this sort of advice, as well as night life guides to some of the hottest entertainment countries in the world. And England.


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