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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Canary Wharf September 1st 2020

In July, I picked up two of Japanese community newspapers – Japan Digest and Japan Journey – and one of them introduced a number of walks along Thames River. I found the one between Tower Bridge and Island Gardens interesting, and cut the article up for us to do a walk. We decided to do the 5 mile walk between Tower Bridge and Island Gardens on 31 August, the Bank Holiday, the last day of August. Mark found the map with more detailed information on the Tfl website and printed it for us. We had early lunch at home and headed for Tower Hill. We walked past Tower of London and turned left at the junction of the Tower Bridge to start the trail from St Catherine’s Way. We found a pretty water sculpture of ‘Girl ... read more
Dickens Inn
Mark with skyscrapers in Canary Wharf
Thames Path

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Canary Wharf January 1st 2020

Mark has been working at one of the office buildings in Canary Wharf since June 2018. He has been telling me that there are numerous designers’ shops around Canary Wharf; is made me curious – so I decided to visit Canary Wharf when he works. I decided to visit Canary Wharf on 30 December 2019 when he would come back to work after Christmas holiday. He advised me to take Jubilee Line rather than DLR as the Jubilee Like runs quicker than the DLR. I arrived at Canary Wharf of Jubilee Line just after 11.30. I was interested in surroundings around Canary Wharf station, as well as station buildings; took several photos of skyscrapers. Having heard that his office was alight South Colonnade Exit by DLR Line, I walked for the destination via shopping mall in ... read more
Chihiro at the roof garden
Mark at roof garden
DLR line running through the canals

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Canary Wharf July 24th 2018

Days 30 to 32 - Rivers and Royalty Tuesday, after recovering from Kinky Boots and doing some laundry, we ventured out to explore more around London. We have heard good things about Canary Wharf, so we headed that way to eat lunch and walk around a bit. Tony and Anne are checking out different areas they might want to consider when potentially moving to London in a few years. Canary Wharf was a nice place, but was very close to too busy. There is a lot of construction going on right now (opportunity for investments, so the signs say), so we will plan to return later. The new Elizabeth Line (Cross Rail) will make this area very convenient. There are some other nice looking neighborhoods across the river as well. Instead of taking the Underground back ... read more
Gardens in London
International Wilsons
Chocolate Cake

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Canary Wharf August 3rd 2017

We said our goodbyes to Roger and Judy and set out for London about 9-30am Judy had said to go straight up the A3 and then onto the M25 and we would be at Heathrow. We programmed the GPS and off we went. Because I had entered the "shortest" way into the Sat Nav the lady took us off the A3 and onto the A320. Though this is more scenic and probably cuts a corner or two, it proved to be not a good idea. We were held up at a roundabout where there were roadworks in progress and spent about 15 minutes in a queue before getting through. However, we finally made it and after getting petrol we dropped the car off at the Car Rental depot and rode their shuttle bus to Terminal 5. ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Canary Wharf July 28th 2015

Tuesday 28 July 2015 The sun is shining and we have a chance to visit London. But we have a couple of tasks to complete first. One daughter in NZ has arranged a skype call, the other daughter in London has a pavlova to make for a dinner party later in the evening. When all tasks are completed we head for the local railway station. Our destination is Canary Wharf. To get there we need to change trains from the Metropolitan Line to the Jubilee Line. Our daughter has timed it perfectly. We arrive at Finchley Road just in time to cross the platform and take a seat on our connecting train. It doesn't take long to arrive at Canary Wharf. We have never been there before. What a sight when we emerged from the bowels ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Canary Wharf February 20th 2014

24 hours to go before my trip to Indonesia and Malaysia. All packed, all booked up and already worried about lack of sleep on the way. Determined to keep a record of my adventures on what will be my visit to my 70th and 71st countries. The plan currently is to spend two weeks in Northern Sumatra. This will include a week on my own volcano walking in Berastagi, chilling on Samosir (Lake Toba) before heading to Medan the capital. Will be joined by Yvonne before heading to Ketambe for a jungle trek, a quick stop over in Takengon before snorkelling and diving on the Island of Palau Weh. Our second fortnight will be in Malaysia. We are being joined by Max and Maddie and plan on a week trekking in Taman Negara and chilling on ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Canary Wharf January 12th 2014

On the day before Janice was to fly to the US we went down to Canary Wharf for the day to visit the London Ice Sculpting Festival. It actually ran for 2 days, but we decided to go down on the last day to be able to see the near completed sculptures. Teams from 10 different countries were competing for prizes. We were surprised to learn that the US team was from Texas – who would have thought of ice sculpture being done in Texas! It was fun walking around and seeing the teams working diligently on their sculptures. Fortunately for us each of the teams had a drawing posted so you could see what the finished sculpture was to look like. Many stuck close to the design, while others had to modify some as the ... read more
Canary Wharf with its many tall buildings
Just Liked the Clever Name
Flowers In January

Today was an "off day," but despite the lack of a plan, we had a wonderful time. We skipped breakfast in the apartment. Instead we jumped on the Tube to the Borough Market at London Bridge. For those of you from Madison, the Borough Market is like Saturday's Farmer's Market on steroids. Vendors sold everything from fresh produce to corned beef sandwiches to "turkish delights," a chewy fruit candy. We wandered for hours, eating breakfast as we walked, and purchasing supplies for a picnic lunch. Collectively, we purchased about $50,000 worth of food, but we had a great and memorable time. From Borough Market we walked along the river to the Millennium Bridge (which was featured in the 6th Harry Potter film). We crossed the bridge and visited St. Paul's Cathedral. We then hopped on the ... read more
Lisa and Allison at Borough Market
Fresh Donuts!
Millenium Bridge

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Canary Wharf June 30th 2013

Today's blog requires a little background information. Our children (like most children their age) grew up with Harry Potter. First with the books, then with the films. Allison, in particular, is a huge fan. After completion of the final Harry Potter film, instead of tearing down the sets, Warner Brothers elected to organize the sets (and props and other Harry Potter paraphernalia) into 2 large sound stages at WB's Studios London and give tours. Ed and Lisa learned about the tours and purchased tickets in advance. But they neglected to tell their children. On the itinerary for the trip, Sunday, June 30 was reserved for a "visit to Watford Cathedral to see historic tapestries." First of all, there is no Watford Cathedral and there are certainly no tapestries. From friends and from advertisements around London Allison ... read more
Allison and Tyler at Hogwarts
All Is Forgiven

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Canary Wharf June 27th 2013

We are starting to adjust to the new times zone (but anyone who is worried about Tyler should rest easily, he continues to sleep very well). We had a huge breakfast in our apartment this morning and then hopped on the Tube for Leicester Square. At this point we would like to mention the London Underground or Tube. The system is truly amazing and provides a very easy way to navigate around the city. We started at Leicester Square, where we purchased "day of" tickets for "The Mousetrap" a long-running Agatha Christie mystery in the West End. We then returned to Trafalgar Square for some photos and then walked the Victoria Embankment, along the river, to Westminster Pier. At the pier, we boarded a boat for the trip to Greenwich, home of the Royal Navy War ... read more
Sherlock Holms Pub
When Did Tyler Get So Tall
A Masterpiece

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