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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Camden Town August 19th 2009

Tuesday was a warm London day and Paul and I visited Camden Town, the spiritual home of Coldplay, the famous Camden Town Markets and sadly the seedier side of London. Yes the place is eclectic and no doubt you can buy things in the markets here that you probably won’t get anywhere else in London however stepping onto Camden High Street from the tube station was quite an experience. I sensed a number of suspicious characters hanging around the tube station as we made our way up Camden High Street. The market stalls on the High Street are dominated by cheap t-shirts and new music but as we made our way up the street it became apparent that although there may be some hidden gems in the stalls, the majority of stuff on sale is basically ... read more
Inside the Stables Market
The Stables Market
The Horses Head

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Camden Town July 24th 2009

Leaving New Zealand was one of the scariest, biggest things i have ever done. I don’t think the reality of it really hit until i was on the plane. Before that it was just excitement. I was scarred, afraid excited, alone in its entirety. I started to cry for what i had left behind and for what was about to come. After ten hours of Movies, Lots of music even more food, Views across Austrailas dry land and an island that look like it was floating in the clouds, i had arrived to singapoore. Tired, and sore i new i still had to face yet another flight only this one longer and was destination bound. Lucky for me i managed to get front eccomany seats so had a bit of room, and went to sleep, as ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Camden Town June 11th 2009

All packed and ready to leave, found a cab that will take us to Heathrow for £30 which is a good deal as tubes in chaos due to strike. Using the laptop has been a challenge as conection keeps dropping off, so writing from the internet cafe I found yesterday. Have all photos on disc so will put more up when I get home. Thanks to all who have followed the blogs and taken the time to respond to us, it has been enjoyable for James to record his thoughts. I will print this blog so he has a permanent record of his trip which has been a great experience for us both and will give us many memories for a long time. WE will be back in NZ on Saturday @ 11.30am.... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Camden Town June 8th 2009

Friday, night we headed off to Brighton by cheap bus. T and S worked for a month in Brighton when they first came to thge Uk and they rate it highly. If rents were cheaper and incomes larger they would move there. I can see why. Though a rocky beach is not appealing, but the place does have a nice buzz. We were extremely lucky to find a cheap family room on the seafront oppposite the West Pier. The Granville charged us £130 for the room and included a fantastic restaurant breakfast, free internet, pool table, DVDs. roon was spacious and spotless. Highly recommended. James loved the pier, I enjoyed wondow shopping in the Lanes and it was great to catch up in the afternoon with an old mate, drink on th e beach and all ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Camden Town June 8th 2009

James writing hi every one james writing I'm writing about my top 7 attractions in my past 4 weeks here on my holiday At number 7 it is a big castle called Cardiff castle, Cardiff castle is at number 7 because it tells you about the castle and you get to go in to someone elses house a very fancy house with nice decorations like big as chandeliers and a big fire place the people in the house don't live in there any more they left there house in the 1950's but my down side in this attraction is the stupid movie about the castle I thought it was the most lamest movie in the world they were in the 1500's and they were on buses At number 6 it is a long narrow path it ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Camden Town May 31st 2009

well we couldnt have asked for a more beautiful day. well first things first a big english breakfast for 4gpb they sure do know how to make a good breaks\fast and bathy they took our plates away when we put pur knives and forks together very exciting. the we walked it off through hyde park where the local wildlife gave us a good porn show (look at the photos and you will see what i mean) the we were on a mission for a mission to find some rave wear we did walk for 3 hours but we got there it was amazing the store went off more that the rise does hahaha so $350 later john had to drag me outta the store but i am going back to get more he just doesnt ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Camden Town May 30th 2009

I had read of the largest shopping mall in Europe, opened late 2008, so off we went on the tube to Shepherds Bush. Mall shopping is a novelty to me, I rarely go to the Hutt Valley, Porirua or Tawa. Walking around Wellington is my usual shopping but I am not really a shopper at all. But today despite the crowded tube the shopping environment was a real pleasure. My first experience of Marks and Spencer, and a nice browse through a wide range of shops, the ultra expensive Village and then all the usual mall suspects. I purchased a handbag and suitcase as the ones I have with me have not survived the rigours of travel. I will return alone if at all possible before I return home , but tomorrow is a bus trip ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Camden Town May 21st 2009

Anne writing A quiet day needed as a very early start tomorrow 5.35am from St Pancras, ridiculous hour, but an immense saving. James thought the station most attractive the other day so we decided to walk there again, taking in the British Library on the way. The treasures room at the library is amazing, old and relatively new manuscripts with a great display for Beatles fans of the early lyrics for Hard Days night scribbled on the back of a birthday card of Julians by John, Michelle and Yesterday were also on display drafted on the back of an envelope and a hand drawn map of directions for a party. The original manuscripts of numerous authors of very many iconic novels and then a separate room with the Magna Carta. There is also a special exhibition ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Camden Town May 20th 2009

Anne writing Tuesday 19 May and we decided to be very brave and tackle the underground alone, this included a change at Embankment so we could get to the Science Museum. To me it seemed more like a transport museum although we did participate in the online GM debate and James designed small blue tomatoes with lots of flavour, and ones the size of pumpkins that were tasteless. The Natural History Museum was calling out to us so back we went and "did" the red zone earthquakes and volcanoes. After a very expensive and uninspiring lunch ( my resolve to save money by packing lunches seems to have been lost) I persuaded James that the British Museum was worth a look and on the way home. We got off at Tottenham Court, we do love all ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Camden Town May 18th 2009

James writing Today I went to the Camden markets and we had lunch near the canal, I got a brazilian burger it was huge. Then we noticed a long house boat and it was a very beautiful and clean boat with nice people that own the boat. We had a chat to him about his boat and stuff then he had to get the boat through the lock and he offerd me to help him. So I pushed the lock thinking it wouldn't be so tough but I gave it a push and boy it was so so heavy. The man that owned the boat could push the boat easily but I struggled a bit but the more I progressed it got easyer. The man thought I was strong so I gave it a big heave ... read more

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