The British Library

Published: May 21st 2009EDIT THIS ENTRY

Anne writing
A quiet day needed as a very early start tomorrow 5.35am from St Pancras, ridiculous hour, but an immense saving.
James thought the station most attractive the other day so we decided to walk there again, taking in the British Library on the way.
The treasures room at the library is amazing, old and relatively new manuscripts with a great display for Beatles fans of the early lyrics for Hard Days night scribbled on the back of a birthday card of Julians by John, Michelle and Yesterday were also on display drafted on the back of an envelope and a hand drawn map of directions for a party. The original manuscripts of numerous authors of very many iconic novels and then a separate room with the Magna Carta.
There is also a special exhibition of Henry V111 , but James is not a history buff and his eyes were rolling so on we pressed.

The station is rather special with lots of boutique shops selling at extraordinary prices. But a good Foyles bookshop where we purchased an Asterix book, James is getting to be convinced that the Asterix theme park may be more fun than Euro Disney. We have found on line reviews that say there are minimal queues , better food and overall a much better experience. It will be interesting to observe the decsion making process. I did promise so will go with his decsion but have told him well informed and researched decisions usually bring the best results.
We also looked at the remainder bookshop recommended by a London Bookcrosser over the road from Kings Cross and it was very cheap but only non fiction hardbacks, which would assist the 20kg target. James was entranced by the toys in the Henleys boutique

After a horrible MacDonalds lunch, ( why did I say yes) we decided to be really adventurous and to jump on the first double decker bus that came along, just for the experience. A couple of changes and we ended up in Angel, we had gone nowhere near as far as we thought (we didn't take our maps) and home we came to try and get all the washing dry on this very mild Spring Day ( they have all been pretty good so far -sorry to hear of the shocking weather back home - really I am).

James is also excited that I have succumbed to his desire to go to the London Dungeon and we were able to book tickets on LastMinute that were half price, we go on 8 June @ 10 am - £10 each isn't too bad I supppose.


21st May 2009

Macdonalds consistency of product all around the world is why they are so sucessful.
24th May 2009

Oh happy days! Love the photo of James in awe. Don't knock McDonalds - the food is exactly what you expect BUT anywhere in the world you can guarantee a free clean lavatory, and these days they also have free Wifi. Hope Paris is living up to expectations.

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