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November 21st 2014
Published: October 1st 2017
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Arrived Heathrow into the new Terminal 2. It's still a very long walk to immigration. As usual, I was first to arrive. I had to wait a few minutes for my bag, but it wasn't too bad. Got on the tube towards London – no issues. Got the train at Victoria – not a problem. Walked up to Allison's and arrived around 8:30am. Allison was out with Trigger, but her mom, who was visiting, let me in and gave me coffee, so I was well cared for.

Shortly after, Allison arrived. We had a nice chat over coffee, then we went together to walk Trigger. The farm is amazing close by, with lots of acreage, which is amazing in a London borough. It was muddy, but we brought gumboots with us. There is an attack goose (Ivan the Terrible) on the premises, which left us alone but has been known to bite visitors.

We brought in Trigger from the field, removed his blanket, then put on a halter and a lead rope. Trigger started out okay, walking next to Allison, but soon he became a brat. He was shoving Allison to the side, refused to move, and spooked at some dogs out for a walk. When we reached the park, he was really hot and bothered. We tried to both walk him, so he couldn't shove, but he ended up rearing. I don't think he liked me. In any case, we returned to the farm without injuries. The walk on the whole was very nice – through the woods, with leaves just turning colors, along the fields, and past a trout pond.

Back at Allison's, we retrieved her mother and then went for lunch the local watering hole, the King George. It was very modern on the insider, with good food and good service. We had a lovely lunch. Upon leaving, we commented on the damp cold outside, which goes right through you.

Then back to the house, where I took a brief nap, since I had little sleep the last two nights. We spent much of the afternoon chatting. Paul arrived around 5pm, which was very good time from LHR. He had some work to do, so Allison and I chatted some more, then left to take a child to a friend's house. When we returned, Michel was home, and we opened the champagne. Nummy. For dinner, Allison made an excellent pasta with sauce, which was super-tasty. Soon, we were all tired and went to bed to sleep.


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