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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Bayswater June 24th 2012

Sorry for the lack of updates, internet has been scarce; same with internet cafes. I've still had no luck finding a memory card slot for my camera, so the photos I do post will be from my phone that I've emailed. We're currently in London after a nice and somewhat interesting last few days in Ireland. To continue on about Galway, the pics attached are from the Cliffs of Moher, as wel as our visit to a working farm and a hike deep into the hills - beautiful landscape! Later on in our trip after leaving Ennis, we headed down the coast farther to Cork, where we stayed a night in Sheila's Hostel which was fairly decent. We met an Australian Cameron that night in the common room area, and agreed to go check out Blarney ... read more
our guide
grandma's apple pie

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Bayswater February 1st 2012

HI Guys, Kenny and I wanted to start a public blog so that we can right our news and show our pictures in one place where all our loved ones can see! Along our journey we will right and update new photos hopefully once a week! Still learning how this site works so bear with us for the first few days. Much love x... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Bayswater September 6th 2011

LAST DAY IN LONDON Today was our first not so good day since we left home – not so bad considering we are 40 odd days into our big adventure. It all started badly when I put my back out getting dressed so I was in a fair bit of pain. We couldn’t do much immediately as we had to get the rental car back to Heathrow by 10.30am to avoid being charged for an extra day. So it was into the car and into the early morning traffic. Between us and Heathrow stood the roundabout from HELL! True to form we ended up in the wrong lane and had to double back through the Beast again – somehow it spat us out the other side in the right lane to head towards the M4 and ... read more
Darlington Hyde Park

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Bayswater August 23rd 2011

Last day today! After 5,600kms travelling through England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales today is the final day of our tour. We travel from Plymouth back to London with a stop at Stonehenge on the way. STONEHENGE On the way to Stonehenge we also saw a couple of the mysterious Crop Circles which was a bonus. Stonehenge itself was very impressive, it the middle of some fields there is this massive rock structure, so it really stands out against the land that surrounds it. There is much mystery around Stonehenge but it was built as a temple –a place of ceremony, of burial and of celebration. Given the size and weight of the individual pieces and the limited tools available during that time, the construction is an incredible achievenment. The actual structure is roped off so you ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Bayswater August 3rd 2011

LAST DAY IN LONDON Today was our last day in London so we spent it getting organised for Chapter 2 of our epic adventure. The S word reared its ugly head again (Shopping) but mainly because we had a few essentials to pick up – like 2 new tops and a scarf for Jeanette! While we were waiting for our photos to be burnt to disc so we could send a copy home I had time for a quick haircut, it ended up being the best haircut I have ever had. THE ITALIAN JOB To be fair I don’t actually know the barber guy was Italian, but he spoke little English, wore a tight shirt, was all styley and waved his arms about a lot..... classic Totti..... (the Italian football star). He even used the old ... read more
Talbot Square

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Bayswater August 2nd 2011

LONDON EYE Todays highlight was a ‘flight’ on the London Eye. The Eye dominates the central London Skyline and you travel in a capsule that takes about 30 minutes to do a full loop. Neither of us particularly like heights but we felt fine for the whole trip – which is pretty good considering you are suspended in the air in a glass capsule 135metres (443 ft) above the mighty Thames. On a clear day, and we certainly had one, you can see for 40kms. Once again we paid a bit extra for priority entry so we could turn up just 15 minutes before our flight and not have to spend a long time queuing – in 28 degrees it was a no brainer! You are in a capsule with around 20 people, there is a ... read more
London Eye
Trafalgar Square
Trafalgar Square

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Bayswater August 1st 2011

CANAL BOAT TOUR – A STEP BACK IN TIME The highlight today was a canal boat trip from little Venice to Camden Lock. The rest of the day was spent shopping at Camden Markets and the huge Westfield complex in Sheppard’s Bush. I did my best to be enthusiastic but shopping just really isn’t my thing! JASONS CANAL TOUR Jason Narrow Boat Tours operate from Little Venice, just down the road from Paddington. Little Venice is basically a lagoon which is the London base for canal narrow boats. Before power, rail etc the canals were Britain’s main industrial transport system. The boats were drawn along the canals by horses and the canal network extended throughout England. Generations of families lived on and worked the Canal Boats – the whole family living in a compartment at the ... read more
Canal Boat - Jasons
Camden Market

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Bayswater July 31st 2011

QUIET DAY IN LONDON TOWN It has been pretty full on since we arrived in London so today we took things easy. Jeanette had pre-arranged a brief meeting outside Harrods with Debbie from her work at home. They were both in London at the same time so was great for them to catch up. HARRODS After saying Hi to Debbie we spent a couple of hours wandering around Harrods. What a store! It’s huge and classy, and the prices of some of the items were mind blowing. I’ve included a pic of a writing desk, it’s big and impressive and 76,000 pounds (and change) – that’s around $180,000 NZ dollars – for a writing desk – you’d want to be able to live in it for that money! As you would imagine there was some exquisite ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Bayswater July 30th 2011

FOOTBALL V THE ROYALS Today it was a game of two halves Stanford Bridge v Buckingham Palace (El Classico), but before that our day kicked off with a fun filled visit to Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. MADAM TUSSAUDS WAX MUSEUM During our research for the trip to our surprise Madam Tussauds had had quite mixed reviews. Not that you would have known when we turned up at 9am and already they were bringing out the Queue time 1 hour sign. Fortunately we had paid a little extra for priority entry – our advice would be always do this - why would you want to stand in a queue for an hour or more if you can be in enjoying the attraction in 15 minutes. We loved Madam Tussauds, the wax models were awesome, in most cases ... read more
Madame Tussauds
Stanford Bridge
Buckingham Palace

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Bayswater July 29th 2011

PARK, LUNCH and ROCK AND ROLL Highlight of today was catching up for lunch with Leah (cousin) her work is near Regent Park so we took the opportunity to spend a couple of hours there in the morning. Lunch was at a very nice Itallian Restaurant near Leah’s work. Dominion Theatre where We Will Rock You is playing was just down the road so we picked up a couple of tickets to tonight’s performance. REGENT PARK Hyde Park was a great place to visit with its wide open spaces, lakes and walkways, Regent Park was simply stunning. Large formal gardens and beautifully manicured lawns are a spectacular feature. The Park also boasts and outdoor theatre, large duck puck pond/lake with paddle boats and a huge area of sports fields and some more natural areas. It was ... read more
Lunch with Leah
We Will Rock You

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