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June 1st 2006
Published: June 1st 2006
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Drunk bastardDrunk bastardDrunk bastard

This was after the shebu walkabout. Sums up my day really.
So its been a while since my last update... cause there hasnt been much to update you on.
Although, my birthday was fun.
Everyone went out on saturday night (sunday was my birthday) because another bloke had his birthday on saturday. So we all got rather drunk, as you do. I don't have much recollection of that night, but I know our flat somehow ended up with a rather lavish coffee table (how, why, who... i dont know) and that travis unknowingly attended a gay party. I think he secretly liked it.

So anyway, woke up sunday morning with a slight hangover, had a birthday yarn with the family on the phone, and then we went to breakfast. It was after this things went downhill.
We caught a taxi to the church. For those who don't know, The Church is a former theatre that opens on sunday afternoons only from 12pm till 4pm. You pay 10 quid to get in, and then you goto the "bar" and buy bottles of beer in a plastic supermarket bag. You then tie this bag to your belt and walk around with those beers for the rest of the afternoon.
They use the stage of the theatre for misc entertainment throughout the afternoon (strippers, boat races etc..), and the floor is where everyone stands. Probaly 1-2000 people in there. All AK&S (aussies kiwis & saffas).
So anyway we got there about 12:15 ish and I was handed 4 beers straight away, being my birthday and all (I think i only bought 1 beer the entire day). The afternoon carried on, with me being hoisted onto some of the guys shoulders at one stage... this I quickly found out isnt allowed, as one very burly bouncer yanked me down from my perch. It was fun because the guys carrying me thought I had fallen, so were trying to hold me up, while this fat ass bouncer was trying to pull me down. I thought i was getting kicked out for sure, but it all ended in a very surly "keep your feet on the ground" and he walked off. cheerio.
So the church wound up at 4, and we stumbled out. I tell you its a unique feeling walking out shit faced onto a busy london street, broad daylight with mums and kids walking by doing their thing, people in suits hurrying around everywhere etc.
So then we made the pilgrimage to the shebu (shepards bush) walkabout, which is the traditional drinking hole for church goers. More snakebites followed (half cider, half beer with some raspberry cordial flavouring) and yea... my memory gets hazy from here on. A few McDonalds cheeseburgers, tube rides and stuff. Next thing i know I was waking up in my bed and it was 3:30pm monday afternoon. ahem. sorry mum.

Anyway, thats been the talking point of stuff recently. Apart from that its just been looking for jobs and stuff. Oh we got skype too, so if you have skype im under jmjuju.
Next few updates im gonna chuck up some of the photos i have acquired over the past 2 months (yes... 2 months!).


ps. Mark.. i had to leave a reminder of myself, for you guys to remember me by 😊 Ask dave, im sure he'll want the powder hah.


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