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January 31st 2011
Published: January 31st 2011EDIT THIS ENTRY

Back in London, we had a few days to ourselves first, which was nice. I did a little shopping and checked out a few sights on my own, while I tried to give Steve some time to work on his homework. He is in school after all.

The girls (Stephanie and Emily)both arrived on Wednesday, the 29th and we kicked back into tourist mode. This time around we did a walking tour of London, which was really good. Our guide was pretty awesome- one of my favourites so far. We also we to see the Great Fire Monument; we heard a service at Westminster Abbey; I checked out the Globe Theatre while the others went to see the Tate Modern, and we all went to see the Tate Britain…

Then it was New Years Eve! We decided to brave the crowds and go watch the fireworks down by the Thames. There were insane amounts of people around, and it was kinda claustrophobic at times, but we found a good spot to hang out at in the end. The fireworks were sweet!... and then we headed home. I, sadly was getting sick, and we all were pretty tired so we just called it a night. I rested the next couple days while the others did some sightseeing. It sucks being sick, but after 3 months of backpacking, I think I did fairly well to last that long.

Once I got back out of bed we all went to see the Tower of London, which was pretty cool… it’s a little like fort Edmonton, but then you can see the crown jewels! For Steph’s last day we went to do some shopping in Harrods (wow that is a store!) and other places, and before I knew it, it was time to say bye to her!

I only had a few days left in London myself, before I was heading out on my last big adventure for this traveling year of mine. But first, we had our second Christmas to celebrate.

Ukrainian Christmas is on the 7th of January, and we have always had a big family dinner on the 6th. In fact, it was my going away dinner last year. Wow a year goes by pretty fast hey?

So usually, me and Steven spend quite a few hours with my mom helping to make our own perogies and cabbage rolls, and watching while she creates the rest of the wonders we get to eat. This year… we were on our own. Which meant that we had to find a polish store. Haha. So we were able to procure 2 different kinds of perogies, some cabbage rolls, sauerkraut, and a poppyseed roll. Things were going well so far. As for borscht, we were in luck. Steve has a Russian friend in his building who he invited to dinner, and who offered to make the borscht!

Traditionally there are 12 dishes for Christmas Eve dinner, for the 12 apostles, and we made it close… with counting things like drinks, and sauces! Haha but we tried our best, and I think it turned out pretty well. For the second year in a row, this made for a lovely goodbye dinner. And for the second year in a row, on the 7th of January I was headed off to Ghana. But don’t worry. I won’t stay soooo long this time. I’m only going for a visit.

So I should make it official. I AM COMING HOME! I have booked a flight, and I don’t have enough money anymore to change it, so this time its for real. Mark your calendars. February 16th, 2011, I will be flying into Calgary! Ok so not quite home. But it was sure the cheapest way to get back to my own country.

So, if you happen to be heading from Calgary to Edmonton on February 16th, and have extra room for a passenger let me know! Otherwise… I guess I’ll make it home somehow… I hope.

Ok now on to my last stop… Ghana!


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