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May 3rd 2012
Published: May 3rd 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY

The number of times Ann and I have looked at each other and said this time in 2009 we were in X or doing Y is incredible. Looking back on our travels in 2009 they were incredible. South America is a huge and amazingly diverse continent and we really on scratched the surface….heck we didn’t even make it to the East Coast and that was in nearly 9 months of travelling.

The plan was for Ann and I to come back to the UK and work for a year or so, get married and then head back to South/Central America. We loved Colombia so we were going to start there, get on the Gringo trail and charter a boat to Panama and work our way up to Mexico, but life intervened!

About a month after we got back Ann fell pregnant and whilst we momentarily though about tucking the baby into a backpack and heading out on the road again……..Ann got pregnant again…….that pretty much put paid to trekking holidays for the near future so we are making do instead with package holidays in the Canary’s and farm stays in Cornwall……life is tough!

Would we change any of
Our Wedding DayOur Wedding DayOur Wedding Day

Yes, finally after having getting engaged on Easter Island and having a monster and falling pregnant with another....we tied the knot
that though……no. Our two wonderful daughters have taken us on completely different travels through sleepless nights, poo filled baths, puke covered blankets and of course lots and lots of cuddles. Our cameras are no longer pointing at glaciers or monkeys, instead they are trained on our own 2 little monsters and the wonderful pictures they give us need to be seen to be believed.

No travel blog would be complete without an epilogue. Our epilogue is just beginning and hopefully we can share new travels with our 2 wonderful daughters…….


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