Dover Hill Walking Course

Published: December 1st 2010
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The Dover Hill Walking Course, which goes through the western hillside of Chipping Campden, woodlands, and small villages, has been introduced in many guidebooks. It requires approximately two hours to complete.

The starting point is the Catholic Church, on the south edge of High Street. Go through the residential are and follow the signpost for Dover Hill, and start climbing the footpath. The uphill path goes through he sheep’s grazing field, which is an emblem of the Cotswolds. The uphill path brings you to the concrete road for two automobile lines. Beware of the traffic while crossing over the road, and find the signpost for Dover Hill on the left hand.

After going through the kissing gate, it takes you to the pasture field, which is home to sheep and the surface is rather uneven due to their droppings. The slope facing to Eversham is named Dover Hill, and it is managed by the National Trust. The downhill slope facing the Eversham plain was place for the Cotswolds Olympics and it was said to have given the hint for the modern Olympic game.

The downhill path leads you to the woodland. Follow the route indicating “Cotswolds Way” and walk on the northwest direction. The woodland train leads you to the football ground of the little village, “Western-Sub-Edge”. Go through the stile to the village. There are only a few houses and one parish church in the village. The trail resumes from the churchyard of St Lawrence Church. There used to be a big house in the past but has become a large green space where walkers can see cows.

After going through in the anticlockwise direction, you will see the Weston Park. Much of the Weston Park is dense woodland. The dense wood has made the park shady for a large part of the day, and the footpath is largely rather muddy even at the height of the summer. It would be wise for you to wear comfortable boots and waterproof trousers when walking on the Weston Park.

After leaving the woodland, keep left on the concrete road of Dyer Lane, and you will see the carpet of blue flowers spread on the grassland from spring to summer. The trail along the grassland brings you to St James Church, the parish church of Chipping Campden. A-three-minute walk will take you to High Street from the church.


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