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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Essex » Southend-on-Sea » Westcliff-on-Sea April 19th 2012

After consulting many a good and helpful 'How to successfully pack your backpack' type website, obviously written by true professionals who know their stuff, I must woefully report that my HUGE pack is full and the bedroom floor still has several piles of bits and bobs laying around. Admittedly, I have a slightly skewed perception of what constitutes 'essential'. The first item to go into the cavernous pack was a towel (surely that's okay isn't it?) followed by a travel hairdryer and, ahem, a set of travel rollers. It gets worse, in the lid of my pack is a pair of stilletos! I am an Essex girl after all! But, to be honest, other than my passport and purse, what I want to take most of all is my newly delivered giant photo album of Chester ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Essex » Braintree February 15th 2012

Last day in the UK before heading off to Singapore. Just checked the weather and it's 31 degrees, but also with heavy rain and thunderstorms...hopefully it will pass!!... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Essex » Basildon February 8th 2012

Hi folks, looking out of the window there's snow on the ground and a heavy fog descending, whilst laid out on my bed I have my swimsuits, dresses and summer gear awaiting to be packed! Can't quite believe we will be leaving for our next big adventure tomorrow, doesn't feel real, and I know we'll be sad when saying goodbye, but then I know you'll all still be here when we return (you better be)! Anyway, this is our official blog (as before) so will keep in touch through this and on facebook, we'll do our best to keep you entertained and informed with short and sweet entries detailing our adventures - try not to get too envious - it's hard to keep up this lifestyle living out of a suitcase and always being on the ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Essex » Broxted January 20th 2012

Exactly 1 month to go; still awaiting new passport. Last day of work on Sunday evening, it's all getting real.... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Essex » Broxted January 16th 2012

Just over a month to go. Flights all booked yesterday, to do list: Quit job Still waiting for a new passport to arrive Visa's Vacinations Packing Buy a Kindle ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Essex » Nounsley December 8th 2011

I am still happily living with my partner Wayne in Nounsley (Essex). We have enjoyed using Wayne’s boat a RIB and have undergone some training in boat handling. We both are instructors and on the committee for our local SCUBA club which takes up a lot of our ‘spare time’. We try to spend time each weekend with our family and debate the world with our parents, Lee (Wayne’s brother) and Mindy, torment Wayne’s nephews Lewis and Adam, and have enjoyed playing with Alicia as she gets bigger (and bolder). We love to see Claire (my sister) and David when we can with their lovely son Joshua who is turning into a fine young boy and clearly not a baby anymore. We started the year in a cultural manner, having great fun putting on our kilts ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Essex November 21st 2011

It’s 2am, on Monday 21st November 2011. Suddenly it’s the date that we had been planning for since January of this year, a date that always seemed so far away and didn’t really ever seem real. I am sitting up avoiding sleep, trying to do up the clips on my purple backpack, the same one that the pair of us have spent a full day packing, unpacking and re-packing and that finally, at 2am on departure day, now holds what will be my life for the next 6 months. In January this year, myself and my friend Lauren figured there was a bit more to life and decided we wanted to find out what else the world has to offer…what better way to do that than go on a little trip around the world? And that ... read more
At Heathrow...
Boarding Time..

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Essex October 4th 2011

The staff had organised the trip for 2 Willow Road and Fenton House volunteers to visit Bata Reminiscence and Resource Centre and explore Bata Estate in East Tilbury on 10 September 2011. I left home at 9 o’clock and it let me arrive at Barking just after 10 o’clock. I ensured I had scanned my oyster card and bought a return ticket to East Tilbury. I was meant to take the 10:34 train. A lot of fellow volunteers seemed to have the same plan as myself. As the time approached, several of 2 Willow Road volunteers arrived, and we got on the same train. After getting off at the station, we walked on the straight road to the Library which runs Bata Reminiscence and Resource Centre. A wide variety of memorabilia, e.g. shoes, long boots, account ... read more
Bata Resource Centre
Tomas Bata

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Essex » Great Dunmow October 3rd 2011

So today was a work day. Working from home, and finishing off jobs which have to be done. The car was collected, and the main work of the day done. The afternoon was fairly busy, with getting all last minute packing done, and making sure everything is sorted in the house too. Plus taking a few photos for the record. Tomorrow is the real start of the trip - we set off at 04:00 hours to meet up with the other van. Then off to Dover to catch the ferry. ... read more
Van and Trailer Ready to go

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Essex » Great Dunmow October 2nd 2011

Today we have the van and trailer all packed and ready to go. We are now getting our own things ready to take with us - clothes and stuff. The van just needs to be filled up with fuel, and all will be ready for us to set off. Tomorrow, we'll take some photos, so you will be able to see what it looks like before we start.... read more

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