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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Essex » Stansted Mountfitchet September 21st 2019

Friday was our last day in Italy and a day for repacking and taking in the final views of the Tuscan hillsides and olive trees ringing the villa. At 7:30am on Saturday morning we had an early transfer to Rome Airport for our flights to London and Hong Kong. The journey was almost all highway, taking 3 hours including a short rest stop. We were able to enjoy our last views of the Tuscan and Umbrian countryside as we whizzed along the highway at about 140km per hour. Our flight to London was late arriving and leaving but we landed almost on time and would have been back on schedule, had it not been for the lack of ground staff and an aerobridge to help us off the plane! We were met in the Arrivals Hall ... read more
190920 2
190920 3
190920 4

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Essex » Stansted Mountfitchet October 28th 2018

Here I am back at the Arthur Findlay College in Essex. It is an amazing place. Previously, it was owned by a family and it was bequeathed to the Spiritualists National Union for the purposes of education. The grounds are lovely, as you can see from the photos. Inside, the decor is that of a stately home. So far the weather has been kind and it is 0 degrees (wind chill of minus 3) and up to a balmy 9 degrees. At least there hasn't been any rain.... yet. This week, the course is Animal Communication and Healing and we focus on both living animals and animals that have passed over. On Thursday we have the option of going to a bird sanctuary where there is a bird hospital and rehoming for injured animals.... read more
181028 2 AFC
181028 3 AFC
181028 4 AFC

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Essex » Stansted Mountfitchet September 15th 2017

Today, I have included some photos of the rooms inside the College - the dining room where we have all of our meals, The Sanctuary where we have lectures and services and other rooms where our classes are held. There are also a few photos of Shelley, Kathryn and me on our last night - having a drink at the bar. Our previous course finished after breakfast so as Shelley was leaving to go travelling with John, I have switched to a single room for the week. I had to take my luggage down to Reception and leave it there whilst the rooms were cleaned so I went for a walk into the village (Stansted Mountfitchet). My first stop was The Bean House, where I had a cup of tea and re-read my course notes and ... read more
170915 AFC Sanctuary 2
170915 AFC Lecture Room
170915 AFC Library

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Essex » Stansted Mountfitchet September 14th 2017

Thursday, we had a guest visit by the trance painter, Jose Medrado, from Brasil. In a lecture through his interpreter Marilla?, Jose gave a talk on how to connect to Spirit, his personal background and then as he felt his healing guides were with him, he gave a healing to one of the students. When he was doing this, there was a very strong smell of ether in the air. He said that his guides provide this as proof of their being there. In the trance art session, he went into a trance very quickly and then started painting. His assistant prepares by laying out all the tubes of paint and utensils around him and he chooses them as he needs to. She quickly cleans them as he finishes using them and then replaces them for ... read more
170914 Medrado 5 questions
170914 Medrado 6 packing up
170914 Medrado Biarritz 5

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Essex » Stansted Mountfitchet September 12th 2017

This morning dawned bright and clear so today's blog contains some photos of our morning walk after breakfast. Shelley and I usually walk around the back lawn and along the lane into the village. This morning, we stopped to smell the lavender bed and admire the beautiful bees on the flower heads. These bees are huge! The lane into the village has fields either side that are so green and trees lining the lane allow the morning's rays to shine through...... read more
170912 courtyard view from our bedroom window
170912 Lavender bush
170912 Lavender bush & English bee

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Essex » Stansted Mountfitchet September 10th 2017

Saturday morning we slept in and ordered room service again (coffee, yoghurt and Eggs Benedict). After this, we relaxed until we checked out and caught a taxi from the hotel to the Arthur Findlay College (AFC). We dropped our bags at the AFC Reception desk as it was too early to check in and went into Stansted Mountfitchet for lunch at The Bean House and to get some shopping. ;-) We were given our room keys just before 3pm and came up to our room and relaxed until meeting in The Sanctuary at 5pm for our briefing. This year we are in Room 137, the Chichester Room, which has a lot more floor space than our last rooms so we are grateful for that. Sunday morning was about 7 degrees C and there was a thick ... read more
170909 The Bean House me 1
170909 The Bean House Shelley 4
170909 AFC sign

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