Trance Art demonstration by Jose Medrado from Brasil

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September 14th 2017
Published: September 15th 2017
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Thursday, we had a guest visit by the trance painter, Jose Medrado, from Brasil.

In a lecture through his interpreter Marilla?, Jose gave a talk on how to connect to Spirit, his personal background and then as he felt his healing guides were with him, he gave a healing to one of the students. When he was doing this, there was a very strong smell of ether in the air. He said that his guides provide this as proof of their being there.

In the trance art session, he went into a trance very quickly and then started painting. His assistant prepares by laying out all the tubes of paint and utensils around him and he chooses them as he needs to. She quickly cleans them as he finishes using them and then replaces them for him to use again.

In his art, Medrado channels the old masters and paints in styles from Renaissance through to post-Modernism, with Impressionists featuring heavily in his demonstrations. He uses acrylic paints and brushes, scalpels, wide paintbrushes like for a house, scrubbing brushes and his fingers. Often he is painting with his eyes shut and takes between 9 and 12 minutes to complete each painting, before starting the next one. We could smell ether again from time to time during the demonstration – which went for 2.5 hours, with him in trance for over 2 hours.

When he paints, Medrado stands up with a canvas laying flat on a high table in front of him. He starts by dotting some paint on the canvas and smearing it with his fingers or a big paint brush, then he uses fingers, small brushes, scrubbing brushes or scalpels to finish the work. The following is a link to a youtube video of him painting as an example of what I am describing:

Some of the artists he channels works for include Renoir, Monet, Manet, van Gogh, Gaugin, Biarritz, Picasso, Pancetti, Portinari and Toulouse Lautrec.

At the end of the demonstration, the paintings were auctioned to raise money for the charitable organisation founded and run by him (The City of Light) in Brasil.

Additional photos below
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16th September 2017
170914 Medrado van Gogh 3

Amazing Artist
What beartiful pictures!! Must have been amazing to watch. Did you bid on any? Did you win any? Did you get to attempt a channelled painting? Keep up the good work. Love to you both!!!
16th September 2017
170914 Medrado van Gogh 3

The bidding was really high and they went for between 400 and 750 pounds!!! Too expensive for me.
16th September 2017

I would have loved to have been there, how amazing. 😱🤔💋💋

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