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September 2nd 2006
Published: September 23rd 2006
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I think this shows very well how protective my brothers are of their little sister...
I cannot believe I am home. My travels of Australia, Aotearoa and Canada are over. It is just crazy. Being back home, where nothing has changed, it feels as if I hadn't even left! Looking back at my photos, the past 8 months seem unreal. I have to keep telling myself, 'yes Lucy, you were actually there.' Seeing family and friends has been wonderful. Although it is so difficult to talk about my travelling experience as so has much happened. Well it was two thirds of a year! Photos are the best way to explain things as they say so much more. I'm very glad that I took heaps of photos, definately printing them soon (well not all, I've got a few thousand!) as I don't just want them as files on my computer!

The flight home from Vancouver I couldn't sleep very well so I was very tired and dillusional when arriving at Heathrow. I knew that my parents were picking me up and guessed that my brother Nigel and nephew Joshua would be there, only because I got a text from my Mum reminding me to get a balloon for Joshua. (Joshua let a balloon fly away when

I was so suprised to see everyone there for me, it was beautiful...
I left, I said I'd bring it back for him and he didn't forget!)

After reclaiming my baggage (slightly more than what I left with in January!) I walked out and saw my Dad at the very end of the barriers. I then suddenly heard all this cheering and screaming (my neighbour Charlene in particular, I know her 'woooo' very well indeed). Straight ahead of me was a massive group of people all holding banners and balloons. It took a good few seconds for me to realise that they were my friends and family! I think because it was so unexpected I didn't comprehend straight away who they were!
Man I still can't believe everyone was there. I've never had a suprise like that done for me before, it was so lovely. The next few moments consisted of all these shiny stars being thrown over me and heaps of hugs (the best) with every single person there, well not the strangers who were standing around watching...

I realised that my brothers wern't there, and my Mum told a lie (yes that's right Mum, you LIED!) that they were out on a work call-out. Where I was so dillusional
What a welcome...What a welcome...What a welcome...

My little nieces and nephews even made their own 'Welcome Home Lucy' posters...so cute...
from the flight and my big suprise, I somehow believed her.
We all walked up to the car park and I was holding my nephew Joshua. Across the cars I could see the heads of these two huge statues which looked like the Blues Brothers. I thought to myself, why on earth does Heathrow have some statues of the Blues Brothers in their car park? All became clear when Joshua pointed over to them saying 'Daddy!'. I could not believe it. Both my brothers in these massive blow up suits, chasing after me...it was quite scary, incredibly surreal but absolutely hilarious...

It still feels weird to be home. Nothing much has changed. It was so strange walking into my bedroom again, exactly how I left it in January. I was quite sad at how it felt like I hadn't even really left, and looking back at photos now I keep reminding myself that I did do all those things, meet all those people and travel through those beautiful countries. Oh I miss travelling so much, it is on my mind all the time! I'm planning my future travels in my head already...Japan and Scotland!
It has been absolutely wonderful
Hugs galore...Hugs galore...Hugs galore...

I actually love hugs, they are in fact THE best...
being able to see all my amazing friends and family again though. Although I will be off again to University in West London at the end of September. I am really looking forward to University and if I wasn't going I reckon I would still be down under where I am in love with it so.

Man all the excitement and different experience that Uni will bring, meeting new people, studying something I really enjoy, cooking marvellous vegetarian recipes (hopefully), heaps of partying in the city...I can see this definately soothing my itchy feet, for now anyway...


23rd September 2006

Good to have you back home, writting this at 00:06 on a Friday night still working in the office.......Well somone has to earn some money for the firm to pay for our student Lucy Hewes who always does us proud. I'm very proud of you for all you have done and for all you will do in the future.....or this might be a load of crap as I am falling asleep at my desk. Luv ya Smelly!!!
23rd September 2006

You're home....you're off again!
Lucy, my little sis, its been great having you around again, even though your pool skills have not improved at all...id say infact you are worse. Its been real good watching you with Joshua and Lydia and im enjoying the fact that i can actually come over to West London to see you when im that way, i know you miss oz but i really do prefer you being in this country! Good luck at uni and im here if you need me...love you so much mmmmmmmmwwwwwwaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!! PIB x
23rd September 2006

lucy....wow...you have such amazing friends and family, reading this blog has serious brought tears to my eyes, and made me think about when I arive home and seeing my mum and dad again, and ive only been gone for 6 weeks!! You can tell how much you are loved by everyone who knows you...take care in england and have THE best time ever in your freshman year...it WILL be amazing!!!!!! xxxx
25th September 2006

Well Wonder woman i am glad you enjoyed your welcome home.I am sure you will like uni, and London at weekends there are so many different places to go and enjoy, dont forget to try the 100 club and bad bobs.Love Coco Pops. xxx
5th October 2006

Ah Bless !
Glad you enjoyed your homecoming suprise......we did ! Its lovely to have you home again be it briefly ! the next phase Uni ! Im sure you will settle in and have an amazing time. We are always here for you, love amd miss you already God Bless and Love mum xxx

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