The best weekend ever HAD SOOOOOOOO MUCH FUN!

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December 3rd 2006
Published: December 5th 2006EDIT THIS ENTRY


I am in PAIN but it is worth it (it is Tuesday) I had the best weekend ever 😊

Friday night I went out with Matt - he took me to Chelmsford to Hothouse (vodka shots solo is not as fun as with a mate!) then Chicago’s where we met Jeff, Wayne and Steve. The boys were braking Steve - his last night out before a big operation on his ankle!! Was great night. Although I pissed Wayne off as forgot to say goodbye!!

Saturday I woke up at about 12pm ish. After a s l o w start to the day I headed to Chelmsford.

Jan (diving) and I spent the afternoon in town, got our hair done and headed back to hers and changed into our dresses. I was turned miraculously into a … GIRL (ahhhhhhhhhh)!

We went to Wayne’s and she did my nails … they had polish on that was kinda… PINK (ahhhhhhhhh)!

Then we headed out in our cab to Cold Norton for the dive club xmas do. The boys in there bowties us in our frocks!

Food was CRAP. Drink was GOOD. Dancing was FUN.

Ended at 12.30pm and we headed back to Wayne’s (see the trend!) and chatted for ages, then got in the hottub. Brown cow is yummy 😊 (Choc vodka milkshake.)

Didn’t really sleep at all that night…

Woke up and chatted for a while, had a cheese toastie and then took Jan back home.

Went to flat, in town there was a xmas market all Sunday. I decided to head to town, found some food and came back to the flat with shopping and food. Ate and then fell asleep on the sofa. Lucy mocked me! I went to bed at 7.30pm!!!

Woke up on Monday at 5.30am dressed and ran out the flat and drove to Witham.

It was Emily’s Birthday!!!! This deserves a whole entry for itself! Watch this space!!!!


6th December 2006

There is a lot of staying over at waynes!!! wink wink nudge nudge!!! Who is this Matt that you talk of? Shame I couldn't be at the dive party- Its weird to remember back to them planning it!! Its to hot to be Christmas! xT

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