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November 19th 2007
Published: November 19th 2007
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A two buck shop!A two buck shop!A two buck shop!

Couldn't resist taking this snap!
The last few days have been much quieter than most, we relaxing, tidying up around the house, and generally doing nothing much more than we would at home.

We did go to Harlow to look around and do some shopping. Judy introduced Rags to Primark, a place where clothing sells at low prices with the company depending on turnover to make it's money. Interesting place and we walked out with a couple of tops and some new socks for Rags.
In the plaza they had some markets where food was the main seller and we had a couple of hot speciality pies whilst watching the Christmas activities of a couple of 'angels' racing around on motorised platforms and a Chinese group doing a dragon dance.

The outlet stores at Braintree was another excursion these being packed with locals looking for cheap Christmas presents etc. We have decided we need another bag to take home what we have bought in Britain so we spent some time sourcing these from a few different shops. We had almost made up our minds when a lady told us the one we were considering was like one she had bought and was much
Pretty ladiesPretty ladiesPretty ladies

All sorts of creatures go to the shops on Saturdays
too big! This started the search again and as we couldn't come to a decision we left it until later in the week after we check the size of our present baggage.

We awoke this morning to a scratching sound which seemed to be coming from the wall at the bedhead. Our first impression was that mice or rats had made a nest in between the walls. On inspection we then realised there was a space there between the two bedrooms. Perhaps the unit next door had a room there? The problem was solved when Rags heard a noise coming from the sitting room - there was a young crow flying around inside having come down the chimney, the space we couldn't explain. It was panicking and smashing into the walls and windows. Rags ended up opening a window and quietly coaxing the bird towards it. He was on the point of catching it with a towel when it flew off and out the window. It was its lucky day as it could have been trapped for several days if we hadn't heard it or were away.

Later we ended up in Diss after looking at graves in

Even male angels could be seen at the shops!
Horseheath (where Judy found some relatives, dead we may add!) and visiting Newmarket racecourse. From what we could see, the horses don't run a circular course, instead the course is a long, relatively straight course slightly uphill to the finish.

At Diss we ordered a typical local nameplate for our home in Australia this made from cast aluminium. This will take about a week to make and be delivered here for us to take home in December.

Tuesday, the weather was miserable so we decided visit Chelmsford, a large town not far from here. We wandered around their market and shops purchasing a few bits and bobs. Our main purchase was a new trolley suitcase so we have more space for extra clothes we have purchased. Rain continued so after a hamburger for lunch in the market we headed home.

Wednesday saw the sun appear again so we found the book with local walks and drove to a nearby village, Great Saling, where we attempted to follow a 4 and a half mile walk. This wasn't easy and with boots caked with mud we eventually retraced our steps when the path directed us right across a farmers

And this fellow and his friends came to entertain the children
newly planted field. The walk was also spoilt by our sighting of a dozen men and their recent "kill", pheasants etc. After this we continued to hear the sounds of shots and kept thinking of the poor birds.

Thursday, we took off to a Suffolk coastal town, Southwold. It rained on the way and when we arrived but cleared up while we were having lunch (see pic). The rest of the afternoon was delightful as was this village on the coast! It had a long pier and a great walk along the beach. We read that one can often pick up amber on this beach so we spent some time fossicking amongst the rocks and picked up a few pretty stones.

We found a pamphlet detailing walking tracks around Felsted which wasn't far away so this was our destination today. The day was sunny but not warm and it was only 2 degrees when we started walking. Rags wished he'd brought his gloves today as his hands were freezing. Judy was prepared with beanie, scarf and gloves. It was windy today, that's what made it seem colder as well.

After another 2 hours of tramping around

We haven't seen any real snow but these kids thought the pretend stuff was fun!
Felsted and neighboring villages and once again getting our boots caked with mud from walking across farmers' fields we returned to the main part of Felsted gladly, although by this time somewhat warmer. We purchased some bread at the local shop before returning home for a latish lunch.

Judy spent some time catching up with the washing while Rags scrubbed boots! A rare Nanny nap was on the cards today as we've been invited out for dinner to Richard and Doff's, some friends of Nessie and Peter's.

We were very spoilt at Richard and Doff's. First a drink before dinner manzanilla for the girls (sherry) and a local beer for the boys. Entree was smoked trout and main course was roast pheasant as you can see in the photos. We had a great evening with lively discussion about travel and global warming.

Judy awoke with a headache and dry throat so we decided another quiet day was in order. This involved a little bit of housework for Judy, raking some leaves for Rags, a cooked lunch, a visit from Moe and some time "playing" on the computers. Rags read up on the WA news and we see that Labour has taken a resounding victory. We'll wait and see what changes that will bring. It's obvious that our votes weren't needed! We spoke to Nessie and Peter in Australia and Judy's Mum using Skype.

Additional photos below
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Track at NewmarketTrack at Newmarket
Track at Newmarket

The final furlong is uphill which means that it's also a good test of stamina.
Track at NewmarketTrack at Newmarket
Track at Newmarket

A one mile straight

We had lots of laughs over the name of diss town!
Not like the paths in OzNot like the paths in Oz
Not like the paths in Oz

Great Saling walk
Lunch at SouthwoldLunch at Southwold
Lunch at Southwold

10 out of 10 for presentation and it tasted great too!
Homes at SouthwoldHomes at Southwold
Homes at Southwold

Some lovely homes here
Fishermen on the beach in SouthwoldFishermen on the beach in Southwold
Fishermen on the beach in Southwold

Even cold weather doesn't put off the fishermen.

24th November 2007

added photos
See what you mean about being cold. The photos are good though. Hope you enjoy your stay in the Canary Islands, it will be a bit warmer there. Will look for piccies when you come back, bye now, love Mum
24th November 2007

Yes, it has turned quite cold now. When Rags was raking this morning he said there was some white stuff which he thought looked like fertilizer but then realised was ice from the overnight frost. We're having second thoughts about the cold weather in China! Enjoy your holiday too. We'll put lots of photos up of the canaries when we get back here next Monday.

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