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December 28th 2006
Published: December 28th 2006
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Christmas HikeChristmas HikeChristmas Hike

Christmas morning hangovers whilst being up on the Seven Sisters.... Jayne, Me, Tam, Dad and Morgan. Why do we get up so early on Xmas morning?
Hello.... Tis cold, tis cold, tis so very cold in the UK...

Just been having a very mellow xmas with family in Seaford, most pleasant... Lots of time relaxing in front of the utopian fire and all that seasonal jazz.... Very nice to catch up with family, some old mates and my dog..... Not that many seasonal arguments for once, instead more heated political chats etc that normally ended up on the topic of immigration (me thinks my family is becoming slight right of centre in terms of it's political stance...)

It has been a while since my last Jordan 'blog' - has been quite a manic few weeks since then. Have had 733 reports to write (I kid thee not) and the inaugural KES Talent Show has happened. It was actually quite a success in the end - lots of flashing lights, smoke machine and Omen music for the evil judges etc... Almost had an X Factor type thing going on - even managed to get a few staff members to do a Brittany Spears act at the end (mainly to give the Judges something to slag off, couldn't really ask them to have a real go at
Annual Sibling pic on SofaAnnual Sibling pic on SofaAnnual Sibling pic on Sofa

We literally do this same pic / pose every year on the red-ish sofa to monitor how we are changing etc...
9 year olds etc ) There are a couple of pictures below from the show!

Have a lovely new digital camera now, so will hopefully have a lot more updates etc now (have been previously relying on other people's cameras... Some fun stuff coming up for me include:

- Jan = my birthday (27 - scary)
- Feb = trip to Oman and it's capital Muscat
- March = my Robin Hood production
- April = Mumbai Trip (India)
- In the future (July hopefully will be my exploration of the islands in Southern Burma)

Loads of other stuff going on like my weekend drama club starting and lots of big sporting events coming up too. Oh, on that note - I took part in the dreaded 'Bleep Test' running challenge a couple of weeks back and scored just below level 13, which alledgely is a level high enough to get into the Marines - so, if I fancy a career change...) Came 3rd out of 30 teachers that took part, should have come 2nd, but the constants turns didn't suit my slightly lanky build... I will get my revenge in a 5KM race in March where
Talent Show 1Talent Show 1Talent Show 1

My overly casual performers a few minutes before the show - hard to believe that in this picture we have Brittany Spears, Pink and Avril Lavigne....
I will be aiming for a time of 17 minutes or so...

Robin Hood production in March will be slightly scary as is a very ambitous project for a Kuwaitee school. They have always done very 'safe' plays before an probably didn't know the risk they were taking when they gave me free reign to whatever project I wanted. Decided on a Robin Hood script I found online, but have since rewritten it completely and axed every song that it once had. Have instead Moulin Rogue(d) it with loads of classic songs from acts such as Bonnie Tyler, Nickleback, David Bowie and Avril Lavigne etc... Obviously changed the lyrics etc - to fit medievil Britain, but it is still a million miles away from any previous junior production in Kuwait me thinks. Also, have an A level 'metal' band from school who are going to play all the music live - it will be a very surreal production....
Better to have a glorious failiure than a mediocre success me thinks!!!! Well, that will be what I will be singing to myself on the plane journey home after getting sacked for it... Or not, am sure it will be amazing....
Talent Show 2Talent Show 2Talent Show 2

Dress Rehearsal - Ballet dancing to a very slow Titanic version, then very fast, then very slow etc etc.... Drummer was a beginner - bless...(That's Celine Dion in the background by the way)

Hope all is well and have an amazing 2007 - I'm sure everyone got equally big plans for the year ahead. Do keep writing, tis wicked to hear from so many people so often (have had loads of hits on this blog - although I conceed that at least half are probably my mum....)

Take care all,

Matt )


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