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Europe » United Kingdom » England » East Sussex » Hastings August 17th 2018

Off to Hastings today! Although it is the site of the conquest of Britain by the Norman, William the Conqueror, Rosemary and I both remember it for being the site of the television series, Foyle’s War. Much of the drive repeated our journey to lunch in Elham a couple of days ago, not that I had it memorized. The scenery became more and more beautiful as we drove through the green and gold farms of the rolling South Downs. We took smaller roads, tree-shaded narrow tunnels with seemingly no space for two cars to pass. Of course, Rosemary and the other drivers zipped along without concern. A few ... read more
The Spitfire Pub
High Street, Rye
C&S Chamberlen, Hastings

Europe » United Kingdom » England » East Sussex » Hastings October 5th 2016

Geo: 50.8552, 0.57292 We left Canterbury in the morning and arrived in Hastings too early to check in to our hotel. So we drove to Battle to see the Battle of Hastings site. This is where England lost its only war on its own soil, to the Normans. There is the ruins of another abbey here, plus the actual battle site and some other old buildings, also. We spent a few hours there and then went and checked in to our hotel. It used to be a group of Victorian houses. Now they are all attached to each other and make up a small hotel. It is right across the street from the ocean, so we had beautiful views. The next morning we got up and drove along the coast to Pevensey Castle. We stayed there ... read more
Ruins of the church
More church
Outdoor kitchen

Europe » United Kingdom » England » East Sussex » Hastings August 14th 2016

Europe » United Kingdom » England » East Sussex » Hastings March 28th 2013

Leaving Winchester behind us on Wednesday morning we settled onto the UK’s biggest Car park, the M25, to be fair it wasn’t too bad just so very boring. Woolly says – There was nothing to look at except cars and as Ian wouldn’t let me out to have pictures taken for my I Spy book I contented myself with snoozing away the journey to Bishops Stortford and thinking that we only have another 4 more sleeps until I turn into a French Mammoth!!! We arrived at the Hop Pole (formerly the John Houblon) where we had spent our first ever night in Georgie, it was great to be back and to spend the afternoon and evening catching up with Carys and Les (Jo’s Aunt and Uncle) and Maxie my four legged friend. A lovely dinner was ... read more
So pretty
The perfect place for Woolly

Europe » United Kingdom » England » East Sussex » Hastings October 8th 2012

23 days until I leave the UK. Scared, excited, lots of emotions - leaving my job to be unemployed and leaving my friends and family behind to see the world. WOW. Lots to sort out, people I want to see and spend time with before I leave, a list to stick to, visa's to buy, insurance to arrange and all in just 23 days. If you know me as well as I hope you do then you will know that I am always useless with organising myself and sticking to time frames! Going into the unknown all on my own - ive never been so scared but yet excited in my life - what a strange feeling this is.... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » East Sussex » Hastings June 15th 2012

Geo: 50.8553, 0.572476 The old town of Hastings has lot to offer with magnificent tea shops quirky shops; two funiculars; fishmongers, fishermen galore; a miniature railway. During summer all the shops open and the place livens up with various amusements for the children, fish and chips shops and restaurants catering for all cuisines, providing a good seaside experience. Hastings offers two cliff railways, West cliff and East Cliff. The west cliff railway at the end of George Street is the one to castle ruins, smugglers caves and Cafe with fantastic view of the town and the Beachy head. The East hill cliff railway with access to County Park has the stunning views of the old town from the top; The East cliff railway has been dug from the cliff and can be seen, the old railway ... read more
Hastings Castle Ruins

Europe » United Kingdom » England » East Sussex » Hastings January 12th 2010

15th April ‘09: Though AC/DC are in London for three days, and there are zillions of things to do, I’ve gone home again. I agonised a bit at first, because really I should take the opportunity to visit city-dwelling chums. But then I thought: ‘no, blast them, I’m going back to the beach.’ I know that I’ve just had four days at home, but given the amount of time spent away on tour this year, it’s a no-brainer decision. Also, four days only made a small dent in the postal in-tray; my poor little abode was, and in a sense still is, buckling under the sheer magnitude of mail. Don’t assume that I mean fan mail from blog readers. Oh, you weren’t. Yes, you were right the first time: letters from banks, the council tax office ... read more
Domestic disaster
A full one-litre..
Dad wheeling up the wick with Grandma

Europe » United Kingdom » England » East Sussex » Hastings December 21st 2009

‘…largest beach-based fleet in Britain,’ boasts the information sign. With no natural harbour since The Great Storm of 1287, trawlermen have learnt to moor their vessels on the beach. They return laden with turbot, monkfish, mackerel and more, to face a purposeful collision with the shore. Bearded men, clad in oilskins, slide skis under the hulls, simultaneously attaching winch cables. The boats lurch, listing violently, but they never topple. Welcome to my hometown of Hastings in southeast England. Chip-fed gulls wheel overhead, swooping down and adopting octogenarian posture against an onshore gale. Behind me, the East Hill Victorian funicular (Britain’s steepest) has now ceased to ply up its eroded cliff section. Instead, the red carriages shelter behind shutters - away from the icy, snow-filled gusts - and the track is refurbished in anticipation of summer tourists. ... read more
The fishing vessels are bulldozed  into the sea
The East Hill
The unfinished sea wall

Europe » United Kingdom » England » East Sussex » Hastings October 13th 2009

Wow, I realize that it has been a long time since I posted. However, I made no promises when I started this! I need to go back to over a month ago - my sister arrived on Sept 10. That was really exciting for me! I picked her up at the airport and dropper her at our older brother’s, where she was going to spend the weekend getting over jet lag. I drove over on Saturday and then she and I took the tube into London. We had made plans to tour the State Rooms at Buckingham Palace since they are only open during August and September. We knew it wouldn’t take all day, so we had been searching for something else to do. While trying to find a gluten-free place to have lunch (my sister ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » East Sussex » Hastings October 20th 2008

Our first day according to Krisztian Szvoboda We got up at 6 o’clock in France, in a simple hotel, but it was good enough. We collected our bags and got into the bus. It took only ten minutes and we arrived at the Channel and Tunnel. It is a type of bridge under the sea. The bus got in a train. After 45 minutes we arrived in England. We saw the place of St. Thomas Becket’s martyrdom. It was so interesting. When we finished here we got 1 hour to do anything in the street. Next we went to Leeds Castle. There was a beautiful park, and we saw many kinds of birds. The castle was also exciting. After we went back to the bus it started to rain. But we were very lucky, because all ... read more

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