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September 6th 2006
Published: September 23rd 2006EDIT THIS ENTRY


The Dorm - Bader Hall

After finding our rooms and dropping off our luggage, we headed to the dining hall in the castle for lunch.

It was much smaller than I imagined, and not as much food options as i'm used to at my college at home. But at least the food was alright.

And there were pretty stained glass windows, and flags on the walls of all the different schools the students here are from.

...Etown flag

After lunch they showed us around Bader Hall some more... it's like a maze, seriously, there's like 9 doors you have to go through to get to my room. room room again. the overhead light stopped working after like 2 days, isn't that lovely.

...view from window

Then that evening after dinner we met with the other people in our corridor of the dorm.. I'm in section B1. Our "resident assistant"s name is Tom, he's British. All the other RAs are Canadian. Tom's cool.. kind of hard to understand though at times. All the students in this part of the dorm are upper-years; they put us all together in the bottom floor with the bad view. There are a lot more first-years than I thought there would be. They're here for a whole year, where-as upper-years are just here for a semester. There are about 40 upper-years and 140 first-years. The vast majority of the students are Canadian. Then there's a handful of Americans, and very few people from anywhere else. It's not nearly as diverse as they said it would be. There's a girl from Mexico, and a few people from China. My roommate's Canadian. Her name is Laura. She's nice.


23rd September 2006

Thanks for the pics, I really beginning to stress out over not hearing much from you. You are going to learn just how spoiled you were at the cafeteria at E-Town. What is with the light in your room, won't they fix it? The pics are great and I hope that your visit to the Globe Theater was impressive. I will write back later but so glad to get something from you. Love DAD
24th September 2006

great pics!
Good job on the travel blog so far, Hills! Can't wait to see your digs first hand. Pictures are realistic - is that your bed? Looks as if you have plenty of room : ) Love you, Mom
24th September 2006

they've fixed the light since then, its all good

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