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October 19th 2015
Published: November 7th 2015
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So, first post!

Just under a week to go until I leave for my travels… I had a brilliant evening Friday night for my leaving do, we all headed to 1812 in Bournemouth, next to the Royal Exeter Hotel, friends from all parts of my life came along to enjoy a drink and wish me safe travels which was lovely, including some family members. I actually lasted until 1.30am partying! Haven’t been able to do that for a while as training for the Channel swim took up most of my social life to get fit!

Saturday daytime I spent it with my best friend Katy, a child she looks after and my dog, Murphy. We went to Upton House and walked all around the gardens playing with them in the leaves and throwing sticks for Murph. That evening I saw another friend for a catch up and ‘see you soon’, but because I was so tired from the night before, plus the crisp Autumn wind Saturday daytime, I fell asleep! Oops! I also had to be up early Sunday to swim with my PLOWS swimmers (Poole Lifeguard Open Water Swimmers – a made up name for us that swim weekly together and have done for over a year). I woke up at 7am to get down there for 8am. It was freezing! The sea had dropped a few *C and I never wear a wetsuit so I definitely felt the cold. Alas, I spent 30mins swimming, coming out shivering but it makes me feel alive! After that, 7 of us headed to Bennett’s Patisserie in Lilliput to scoff our faces with bacon and egg baps and tea/coffee. It was great fun and 7 of us fit on a table that was so obviously made for just 4 people! There was myself, my mum, dad and Nicky (Steve’s wife) (the beach walkers), Steve, Tim and Mark. Soon after this, we said our goodbyes and I had a couple of hours between getting home and being picked up to go for a carvery with the I’ansons…it was amazing, I call them my second family as I am usually over their house!

I then popped to Lou’s house early evening (she flew out to Oz Monday 19th and I am meeting her in Oz in two weeks)!! I had to collect my fetching flight socks from her so that my legs don’t swell on the plane! How appealing!! Straight after Lou’s I went to see my good friend Heidi for a leaving drink in the Curlew. It was great to spend time with Heidi, we’ve known each other a long time through beach lifeguard clubs and competitions (we used to be club rivals)!

THEN….The evening went downhill…

I went to book my flights from Sydney to Auckland for just before Christmas to see my friend Charlotte and do a tour of the North side of New Zealand for a couple of weeks plus swim with dolphins and orcas. My first flight went through correctly, all paid for and flight confirmation came through…GREAT! Second flight, Christchurch back to Sydney didn’t take my payment BUT it said the flight was confirmed on the website. Not so great! Being a Sunday night, I couldn’t call anyone to query. I popped to Poole (Monday) to put some cash into my account that I have saved up and they said my card is blocked – I thought, well, why?! I’ve done nothing wrong.. I then sat for an hour talking to the banks’ fraud department and said someone has basically got my bank details and cloned them from that website!! This happened to everybody that was booking a flight on that site at that time unfortunately. So I’m not the only one. Only thing is… I fly in 5 days! No way is that enough to get a new card! It’s been a tense couple of days, I begged with the bank to get me a new card sent ASAP and they said they would get it to me one day this week, plus had to phone the airline company to put through the flight payment… It’s been stressful, there’s been tears but I’m sure it will all be worth it when I get onto that plane!


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