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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Dorset » Weymouth August 13th 2019

August 13, 2019 Weymouth, England Never heard of Weymouth, England? You’re not alone! England’s BEST. KEPT. SECRET! We weren’t able to dock until 11am, so we had a leisurely morning. Typical breakfast in the grand dining room (with Milica) an espresso at Barista’s with Gaia. While in the dining room the Pilot came on board (aft…we didn’t have the same front row seat this time); we went up to Barista’s and watched the Pilot guide us through the first man made harbor in the UK. The wall is deceptive as there are two main “entrances” – one…which we thought we’d enter because it looked larger and the other “larger” one. The first one is actually angled, so a large ship would have a difficult time. We both thought the ship was going to ram the wall, ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Dorset » Weymouth September 20th 2017

On board the Konigsdam - Sea Day. We met the CruiseCritic group in the Crow’s Nest. We were 128 strong. The group was comprised one third American, 1/3 Canadian and 1/3 Australian. They appear to be in their 50’s and 60’s wth a few of us geezers sprinkled around. Everyone was excited to be on board. We then had to stand in line to pass British immigration and afterward it was time for Bingo for ML while I indulged in Asian food for lunch. We are sailing slowly towards the English Channel and I just want to read, relax and watch the world go by so I skipped the Hold ‘Em tournament and trivia pursuit in favor of a relaxing afternoon in the stateroom. We headed for Happy Hour at a new location, The Billboard. While ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Dorset » Weymouth September 16th 2016

Weymouth – Aug 30 – Sept 6 In looking at the chart it appears that making the crossing of the English Channel from a little farther east than Dartmouth would work out well as we could then head directly to Cherbourg and not have to do an overnight passage. We have done plenty of overnights, but if we don’t have to while making the crossing all the better. In deciding where to head we had thought of two ports, each very close to each other, Portland or Weymouth. In talking to others we decided on Weymouth as we had figured we had to bite the bullet and buy 3 batteries for our boat as it would be easier doing it in English than in French! We heard there was a working chandlery in Weymouth as well ... read more
Views On Our Way to Weymouth from Dartmouth
The Portland Lighthouse
Views of Weymouth Outer Harbor

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Dorset » Weymouth June 13th 2015

Dojechałyśmy do Weymoutho 2.30 pm, które jest głównym miastem wybrzeża jurajskiego, które rozciąga się na długości 153 km, pomiędzy hrabstwami Dover i Dorset, a które w 2001 roku zostało wpisane na listę światowego dziedzictwa UNESCO. Najpierw zobaczyłysmy przystań z wieloma jachtami i łodziami. Kierowca przejechał przez most i wąskimi uliczkami zawiózł nas nad samo wybrzeże. Zaparkował na The Esplanade, promenada ciągnąca się wzdłuż wody. Miałyśmy tutaj czas wolny aż do 5 pm. Chyba cała wycieczka poszła na spacer z Martynem natomiast my z Gloria poszliśmy w swoją stronę. Najpierw poszłyśmy w stronę wieży widokowej Weymouth Tower. Chciałam nawet kupić bilety, ale po głębszym zastanowieniu nie miało to większego sensu za takie pieniądze. Widok pewnie był fajny tym bardziej że pogoda dopisała i widoczność była bardz... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Dorset » Weymouth November 3rd 2012

November 3 – Weymouth – Preparing to depart – I have booked a room at the Hotel de la Fontaine in Caen for Tuesday the 6. I am heading to Portsmouth tomorrow morning and will stay there tomorrow night and depart on Brittany Ferries at 22:45 Monday night ariving at 06:45 Tuesday morning. So I will be taking pretty much the same route and time as the English D-Day participants. I have enjoyed my time visiting Weymouth and it was a detour well worth taking. I’ve been trying to find out things on the internet about Caen but keep running up against the language barrier. So it appears that exploring France will be a thornier undertaking than I had first imagined. Oh well….to paraphrase Mark Twain…Go through life armed with confidence and ignorance….and success is assured.........And ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Dorset » Weymouth November 2nd 2012

November 2 – Weymouth – day 5 – Today doing homework on the Tank Museum in Bovington – Dorset. The museum is only a 1 ¾ walk from the wool train station. I’ll probably head over to the station here in Weymouth and get a return ticket from Wool to Weymouth. It looks cold outside but I see blue sky so it should be all right. It looks like the wind has died down a bit from Yesterday. - tank museum – 2 1/2 miles walk from Wool train station. I took a cab for £6 each way. Evening – I bought a return ticket to Wool from Weymouth. It was a pleasant train trip. The weather was beautiful but a tad cool for a Texan. When I got to Wool there were a couple ... read more
Photo 6
Photo 9
Sherman Tank

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Dorset » Weymouth November 1st 2012

November 1 - Portland Heights– Today was cold but with a clear blue sky. I walked over to the Esplanade in Weymouth and walked over to the Greenhill Gardens. There were a few flowers blooming but most of the flower beds were prepared and waiting for spring to return. The view of the Ocean was quite beautiful and I checked it out from time to time but it was a bit brisk for sitting and enjoying the view. After touring the Greenhill Gardens I walked down the Esplanade to the Jubilee Clock and ate at the King Edwards Fish and Chips…I had fish and chips again of course….with tea. From the fish and chips restaurant I walked down King Street towards the train station and I caught the #1 bus at the bus stop on Commercial ... read more
Weymouth Beach
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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Dorset » Weymouth October 31st 2012

October 31 – Weymouth Day 2 – Morning - I’m downstairs at the dining room table/my office doing homework on bus lines in Weymouth and ferries. I am wearing a sweater over my shirt and thinking that maybe I should go up the stairs and get my jacket as well. They don’t seem to believe in using the heat here unless it “gets cold”, ………for an Englishman. I guess I will find out what that is when it gets cold enough. It is supposed to be cold and rainy today so if I do any touring it will be riding buses. I guess I will walk over to the bus terminal and see if they have a day pass or something. The manager came in around 0900 and asked if I had noticed that the heat ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Dorset » Weymouth October 30th 2012

October 30 – Weymouth – Tuesday – I had a pretty good day today. The sun came out and it was a nice day. Cold at about 50 but the sun was shining so it wasn’t bad. I started walking down the Esplanade from about the pier bandstand to the Weymouth Pavilion and tower. I figured I would walk down the Esplanade to the North Gardens and walk in them. I walked a bit, then sat on a bench and enjoyed the view. Then I walked a bit and then stopped to enjoy the view again. The view was really a nice one to enjoy, Crescent shaped, it had a town in the distance on the left, then green fields, then chalk cliffs with boats about, then the opening to the sea. Then there was the ... read more
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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Dorset » Weymouth October 29th 2012

October 29 – Weymouth -Monday Hopefully I will have better weather the next couple of days. I am booked up and paid here through Tuesday night and the plan is to head to France Wednesday. I will have to catch a train to Portsmouth if I want to catch the ferry to Caen, France Wednesday night, Evening – I’ve had a very long and tiring day I walked all the way down the Esplanade to the King George Statue then kept going till I got to the Yacht harbor then across and back up the other side. It was a bit cold but not too bad. This city is a very picturesque one and has lots of little streets with interesting shops. I had to resist the temptation to buy some of the clothes displayed because ... read more
War Memorial
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