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December 30th 2016
Published: December 30th 2016
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So I decided to make a surprise trip home to the UK for dad's 50th birthday, I decided this probably back in July. I mentioned this to mum and she was happy and even offered to pay for the flight back if I somehow couldn't afford it, seeing as 50 is a fairly big birthday.
Anyway, it came about that a friend of mine wanted to pay (using frequent flyer points) my flights to and from the UK as I helped him through a tough time.

So that was sorted! I was heading back!
I told a few friends, but keeping it a surprise from dad was so difficult - I had to make up a different life for myself, saying I was heading off to a new house to be their nanny and not being able to reply for a day or two whilst I get settled in. I hated going behind his back, but we pulled it off!
My best friend Rosie picked me up from Heathrow and took me back to Poole. I got home and mum was waiting on the driveway and gave me a hug!

During those two weeks I had the chance to see all my family, good friends..

So this is how it went when I surprised my dad.
Mum and Dec were in the kitchen filming on their phones. Dad walked in from work not knowing anything and thought it weird that they were both downstairs trying to get their video to work, I was hiding in the lounge out of the mirrors reflection. I heard dad say "why are you both looking guilty with your phones out" with that I popped my head out from around the door and just said "Hi dad!" He looked shocked. He was holding his work jacket so he put that away and went out of camera view... He came back and I was stood there and he was like "what are you doing here"?! I said... Well I came home for your 50th of course..
A big hug and all was well!

Prior to surprising dad, mum dropped me off at my grandparents house which was great. Grandad said 'I don't believe it' about five times and grandma looked shocked but happy!
I stayed there for an hour chatting with them about my travels and what they've been up to.
I went to their house dressed in a summer dress and thongs (flipflops) like it was hot. I was so cold, I had to put a blanket on me at the grandparents house!
In the evening my best friend Ben Thomsen came over, I'd gone to bed at 8pm ish, Ben turned up at the house at 11ish, all I remember is that he jumped on my bed on me and gave me a huge hug! Ahh I'd missed this guy, we chatted for a while but Ben kept asking if I was drunk!! I was sooo jeglagged!

Following day I walked my dog, Murphy with Rosie along Shore Road to Branksome Beach and back. It felt good to be back on my home sand. Afterwards, I went shopping with mum in Poole.
I popped to Bournemouth Hospital for a check up, the following day and Becky and Katie CD picked me up and came back to my house, went to the shops and chatted.
Dave and Thelma, my mums cousin was at my house (I was summoned to sleep in the front room as they had mine)! Damn surprises!!
The next day, which was a Saturday, I went out with Katy, Leanne, Katrina and four dogs to Hamworthy and then Lake Pier for a bit. Then we went to my house and collected Murphy to go for a dog walk at Upton House. Murphy and Leanne are mad together!
Afterwards, I went to Katy house to see my 'second family'.
After seeing them, I headed home to get ready for dad's 50th birthday meal at the Thistle Hotel along Poole Quay. It was a surprise for most people to see me there as I was still expected to be in Australia, and those people don't have Facebook!
I was still extremely jeglagged and sleepy by 7pm... People went out afterwards and tried to get me out drinking but all I needed was to sleep!
Sunday morning, I went down to Canford Cliffs which is where my sea swimmers swim at 8am! So I headed down there to see everyone whilst also walking Murphy!
Got home afterwards and chatted to Dave and Thelma before they left to go back to Peterborough.
Heather picked me up and we had cream tea at the Oaks and in the evening I went to the Harvester to meet my friend Andy for a cuppa tea for an hour.
Next day I got my hair done by Abi, lowlights all over and it looked great!! I took Murphy on a dog walk to Whitecliff (my favorite place in Poole), grassy area next to the ocean overlooking Brownsea Island. I then went to Nandos to meet Sammy and had a great evening chatting and catching up!
The next day was filled with the doctors, dentist, dog walks with mum!
My car went in for its MOT, luckily passed... Glad it did because I haven't used it for over a year! Went for a swim afterwards and saw old work colleagues who wanted to all chat, I just wanted a swim!
After that, Becky picked me up and we went for a hot chocolate along Branksome beach and was served by a previous customer of mine! We then went to the gym and did a great workout!
I then spent the day with Rosie, dog walking at Upton House and went shopping in Poole! Popped to Marcs house (channel swimmer) to catch up with mum in the afternoon (after getting lost)!

Following day was errands day... I washed up, did the dishwashing, took Murphy for a walk, cooked some food after going to Tesco with Dec. Had a laugh in Tesco with my bro actually, we act more like mates that siblings which is cool!
People popped over from then on to say hello/goodbye including Emma, Johnny, Nicii, Aaron, Dave, Sam, Jordy, Rich and Amy!
We woke up and it was dad's 50th birthday! It wasn't a late night the night before so the Saturday morning after, as a family we went out to Table Table for breakfast. Afterwards, dad opened pressies, Murphy ran around with wrapping paper and he seemed to like balloons for once!!
As a family again, we went for an afternoon dog walk to Avon Heath, lovely wintera day! It was fun, got some great photos of us all!
In the evening, we went to grandma and grandads for an Indian takeaway. I saw then that grandma didn't seem too well... She struggled with eating, she couldn't leave her chair... I think we all felt a bit useless. So we cleared up and chatted, got some lovely family photos which I shall cherish forever.
At that point, I never realized it would be the last time I ever saw my grandma.
When we said goodbye I told both grandma and grandad that I loved them individually so much, and gave them a big hug each. I will always regret not going back to see them one last time before I went back to Australia.

The next morning, Sunday, mum dad and I went for a walk along the beach whilst PLOWS swum and afterwards we went for coffee and hot chocolate with the PLOWS members! It was great, a lot of laughs too! My favorite bit was Nick somehow managing to get my mum to buy him cake without even knowing..! Ha! He shared it round the 14 of us though, somehow!
When we got home, it was dad's turn to leave for a work course for a week! For once, it wasn't me leaving someone!! Big hugs and off he went!
Afterwards, I went to Emma's house to meet her boy Noah with Katy, nice afternoon with girly chats!
I popped then to Robs house to see him and his boy, Leo along the way to beach lifeguard training where I saw Janet, Tristan, Morgan, James, Chris and got involved in swimming too 😊 . I have missed swimming so much!!
The Monday before I left for oz, I popped to Ben Clark's house, was fantastic to see him, and we always chat about the most random things.
Afterwards, went to the shops with mum to find a new backpack, then I went to the gym again with Becky and Tom Bartlett then picked me up (sweaty from my gym sesh) and we went to Le Bat for a drink and huge catch up!!
Got home that evening and Rosie, Katy and mum were sat in the lounge chatting so I was with them until 9pm ish then chilled with mum.

The day I was leaving was emotional.. I was laying in bed with Murphy and mum walks in. Next minute she's crying.... Anyway, me mum and Murphy had a cry hugging as a three (Murphy was just being squashed) but he seemed to love the affection!
After taking Murphy for a walk along Canford Heath, I packed up my life once more, said bye to the dog and the bro (Dec willingly gave me a hug. It must be news because I even wrote this in my travel diary) ha!
Mum dropped me at the coach station in Poole and as the coach approached us, we broke down crying. Emotional wrecks. Luckily we weren't the only ones as a lad about my age and his mum were also crying. I didn't feel self conscious whatsoever, didn't care what anyone thought.

What I realized from going home, is obviously that I missed everyone a lot and it was great to see everyone. I truly don't know where my life is going to end up. Id love to stay in Australia for good, but literally the things I need to consider are friends and family in the uk.
I am so torn, and I still don't know what to do...


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