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March 16th 2013
Published: March 16th 2013
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Its getting a lot closer now..

Additional photos below
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18th March 2013

Trip of a lifetime...
Have a wonderful trip...enjoy, remember and photograph everything. I am just a little scared at the prospect which is why you are the ones going and I am sipping tea and watching the adventure unfold! Take care. Mags. x
25th April 2013

You lucky gits
Enjoy every ride. Will be watching.
10th May 2013

How is it going then? Talking with a twang yet? Waiting for update!!!
14th May 2013

Nice to hear from you. Just crossed from Arizona into Utah. Its like being in a western movie all the time! The roads are all that I hoped they would be, and more. The bikes are all good so far, getting more used to them all the time, even fully loaded they don't feel much different. Hope all OK with you x
17th May 2013

Hey there dudes...hows it hangin? I am not too sure how the locals speak...come to think of it i don\'t even know who your locals are! Where are you? No...it\'s ok, I remember you are in America it\'s just I\'m not sure where? Well one thing is for sure and that is the weather will be sunny and hot in the US of A. Sadly not so here...still sod it all we\'re off to Crete next week - nice! Well you jolly duo, I trust all is well with the travelling game. Hope your tent hasn't been eaten by a coyote (is that right?) Stay safe and fairly sober...yes alright Jim - I said FAIRLY sober! Love Mags and Jim x
17th May 2013

Nice to hear from you. Glad to hear you are off to foreign climes, it'll be lovely. Actually overcast here today, but still warm. Generally its been fantastic, but without whinging, it does get a little over the top in the heat with all the bike gear on - ho hum! Off to Bryce canyon tomorrow, hopefully early as its a first come first served campsite, historically not a great system for us, but we're getting better at getting up, but its still the distances we need to cover. Not that much drinking going on, you'll be surprised to hear. We're carrying some whisky for emergencies, but not touched any yet, well, not since Claremont anyway. Have a lovely trip. Love from us both x
17th May 2013

I am hoping you will put some pictures of Mr Ranger on when you have them. It sounds amazing and good to hear you are getting comfortable with the bikes. Lucky things. Hope the jacket is doing its job. Still pretty cold here, annoyingly! Take care xx
17th May 2013

I will remember to take a piccie of Mr ranger when we get to jelly stone, but still a long way to go. We were warned against our preferred route tomorrow as it was still closed due to snow! Its all over extreme. Off out for a bite to eat for lunch. Take care x
2nd June 2013

Hello Intrepid Explorers
We are back from our little trip...how is the 'big' trip going? I'm not sure how to access photo's on this site. Have you posted many since the start of the journey? Well I guess all will be revealed in due course as they say. How did the camping go - very warm and whiskey inducing or not too bad and wonderful sunsets. Hope the latter; I captured a beautiful sunrise one perfect Cretian (that right?) morning...sunrise/sunset really do it for me! Well my lovlies I hope you are harnessing all the positive vibes winging your way via t'internet. I imagine a whole cohort, some known and some not, all living vicariously through your adventures. Ehhhhhhhhh, what wonderful memories! Take care, Love Mags and Jim. x
4th June 2013

Hope your trip was lovely too, they go so fast. Even this one seems to be whizzing through at an alarming rate. Not sure how to explain on viewing the photos I've downloaded, I can only view them on my tablet, and I think they come up differently when I actually log on. I can only suggest trawling through it all. My sister has been viewing them, but I gather she has to start at the beginning each time and trawl through the blogs again, including a number of adverts, before she can find the latest ones. I don't know if that is any help. Must go and update it again. Lovely to hear from you xxxxx
3rd June 2013

Hello how are you getting on? Please tell me you didn't get caught up in any of the tornadoes? At last it is warmer here, who knows for how long. Still waiting for pictures on this site jiffer!! Take care both of you xx
4th June 2013

Photo probs
No tornadoes for us.....yet anyway! Sorry you haven,t been able to view the photos, there are lots there! You're not on your own having trouble viewing them, and I'm not sure what I can do other than suggest clicking on different things or working your way back through the blogs, maybe starting at the beginning again. Pick a day you're bored at work! Hope you're able to keep up with the rest. I thought of you the other day, as we rode past the end of a liitle road in the middle of Idaho called Pope Road!
9th June 2013

Story of our lives, sorry we have only just found your blog having been directed to it via Maggie, thanks, Mags. Great to hear you are having such a great adventure. The Adamsons all ok, Greg is in New Zealand. Jezz is off to the Oman am sure you would love to be with him Jim !! Anyway anyway now we have found you will keep following the blog and try and find these elusive photos. Lvjjx
9th June 2013

I'm glad you are able to keep up with our travels now. I gather the photos are difficult to find, not a brilliant site. Hopefully they will be worth finding tho. Glad all is good with you and yours, hopefully we will be able to catch up when we're back in uk. xx
1st July 2013

Coming home??
Hello sorry been so long since I have been in touch. Have you had a brilliant time? As if you wouldn't . Hoping you will be back soon. We had a good ride yesterday with Chris riding pillion behind Steve. Hope you are both ok xx
1st July 2013

Yup, brilliant. Flying this morning. See you at your birthday bash-hpe dress code hasn't changed as only have the one outfit ready! Who'd have thought it would all come round so quick. See you soon x
17th July 2013

Hi travellers!
Have been following your blog and sounds like you are having an amazing time! When do you get back to the UK? Would be good to catch up. x
21st August 2013

Hi Dee, sorry, I haven't been back to the blog for ages, and only just got your comment. We're not back until November, and spending the time in france, but will definately let you know when we're back and indeed get together. Lovely to hear from you, hope you guys are well xx

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