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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon » Brixham May 5th 2015

Message from Mabel Thank you one and all for your lovely, thoughtful cards and messages on this, my 91st birthday. I am truly overwhelmed! I had no idea what was planned to celebrate; a mystery which could not have been better! The day began with the breakfast table adorned with cards and lily of the valley from Pauline's garden. Mum was thrilled - lily of the valley is known as May's birthday flower. She was encouraged to be organised to leave at 10:30am. A short drive to Churston Station, and still no clues were given except that it was a mystery. We boarded a green bus with a wonderfully humerous driver and headed along the 'country lanes' to Greenway, summer home of Agatha Christie. Despite driver Chris' commentary, Mum still hadn't worked out where we were ... read more
Lily of the Valley
Hilarity in the buggy

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon » Plymouth January 26th 2015

Monday 26th January, 2015. Welcome Aboard the Azores! Plymouth, England, UK We were collected from our home in Bristol as arranged at 12.15 pm. This arrangement had changed from the original plans as we had received a telephone call from the cruise company on Friday informing us that the departure port had changed. This was a bit of a blow as one of the reasons we had chosen this cruise was that it departed from Avonmouth which is the Port of Bristol. The upside of this change meant that we now had to be delivered to Avonmouth 4 hours later than originally planned and we would be transported by coach down to Plymouth. Al least it meant that our lift was not too inconvenienced. On arrival at Avonmouth Cruise Terminal we had to hang around for ... read more
Our Cabin

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon » Salcombe August 18th 2014

18thAugust Plymouth to Salcombe 21nm Had a good sail to Salcombe and when we got there, it was completely crowded (well in our eyes it was but everyone was saying it was quiet). We had to raft up to another boat - sharing the same mooring. In the busy times they get up to 4 boats rafted up on the same mooring. The town was a bit busy for us, so after a quick explore, we then got in the Zodi and explored up river. The boat next to us had two very cute Yorkshire Terriers (now I want one when we finally settle back into a house) They were just soooo cute. That evening we watched as a boat had anchored too close to shore started to lean sideways as the tide went out and ... read more
Salcombe River
very crowded
zodi tour

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon » Dartmoor July 10th 2014

Having family literally all over the UK is both a blessing and a curse. Of course, it's always a blessing to have loved ones in whichever part of the country you may be visiting, but it's a damned curse trying to fit everyone in to one visit! We certainly do some miles and we keep everyone more or less happy!! The ferry to Plymouth takes us conveniently to Devon where we always enjoy a few days in the village of Thorverton, lost in the middle of a triangle joining Exeter, Tiverton and Crediton. It's such a beautiful part of the country, and is just on the doorstep of a place we just never seemed to have made it to - Dartmoor. We put that right this year and set out one morning hoping for a sunny ... read more
Dartmoor ponies
Drive slowly!
Walking on the moor

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon » Dartmoor July 5th 2014

Off to Dartmoor today! So, I learned a lesson today - if you're in Dartmoor you need a proper GPS. Or a car. Or both haha. I got... not lost but stuck shall we say because I didn't want to keep going down some random valley in the bushes and get lost. There are no signs in the paths and there are a lot of intertwining ones so having the map with you doesn't even help… What a shame. Ok backtrack. I bussed up to Newton Abbot and wandered around the village for a bit - small and cute - before heading up to Haytor Vale in Dartmoor. Basically as soon as I started the hike I was like 'yep this won't end well' haha. Right from the start there are four paths generally going in ... read more
Quarry lake
The rocks I cannot remember their name
Random lone cow

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon » Widecombe-in-the-Moor June 15th 2014

Tom Pearce, Tom Pearce, Lend me your grey mare. All along, down along, out along lea. For I want to go down to Widecombe Fair wi' Bill Brewer, Jan Stewer, Peter Gurney, Peter Davy, Dan'l Whiddon, Harry Hawk, Old Uncle Tom Cobley and all, Old Uncle Tom Cobley and all.To be sung in a fake Devon yokel's accent, preferably after a few pints of strong local ale. So goes the first verse of a folk tune called 'Widecombe Fair'. It does go on quite a bit longer - possibly a bit too much longer, unless someone else is buying the next round of drinks. It tells a tale of Tom Pearce's old grey mare being borrowed, getting lost, falling ill, dying, and haunting the moor ever after. I won't bore you with it all here but, ... read more
St Pancras Church, Widecombe
The three rabbits on a roof boss

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon » Dartmoor June 14th 2014

'I've got some rheas out back. Raised 'em from eggs I did. They're awful friendly.' In his heavy Devon accent, the elderly bewhiskered man at the gate of his lonely Dartmoor cottage attempted to detain me a little longer with irrelevant chat. It seemed that not many tourists from Hertfordshire, or indeed from anywhere, stop at this remote spot in response to his 'Fresh Eggs' sign propped up by a rock near the tall hedge. 'It's eggs you're wantin' ain't it?' 'I've only got hens' eggs. That alright?' He disappeared, leaving his two scruffy dogs seeking attention and barking madly. A few minutes later, he returned holding a grey cardboard carton containing six brown eggs with bits of straw and feathers attached. A label on the carton proclaimed: 'Laid by the girls living on Dartmoor'. They ... read more
A typical Devon lane
Sheep grazing on Dartmoor
Ponies grazing on Dartmoor

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon » Crediton April 24th 2014

Dartmoor it was today and the start was slow as the beers and curry combined from the night before - and as soon as I left Tavistock there was a big hill to take me up to the moor. My Grandad was tall and bald and wore a brown jacket And in the corner of the never used room stood a brown fishing rod Forever In the big silent bed, On a sunny, Devon morning He would tell tales of wild ponies. prisons and green sinking mud. Waiting on the moors with black eyes. But I made it through. A few tame sheep on the moors with very white wool and blackheads some would stare at me for a while - they all had an accompanying lamb that would not leave their side. One couple got ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon » Tavistock April 23rd 2014

There was the usual dilemma in the morning of what initial direction to head when first starting off in order to get the best way out of the town - anyway that solved I was on my way again. Deciding at the last minute to head along the coast as long as possible I cut to the right on a sunny, bright morning heading for a town called Fowey (later I found out pronounced Foi as in Oi !!!). There is a river crossing here with no road as such so I asked in a woodcutting yard if there was a ferry or something and the answer was yes. Asking the way to the ferry, some are glum some are merry Some are just kind and I want to pat him on the back and say ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon » Barnstaple October 28th 2013

Well its been a whirlwind of a few days. I landed at Heathrow with my lovely niece Romy there to meet me. It was off to see her home which is lovely and light and bright and straight out to Brent Cross shopping centre. For me lots of nostalgia as I remembered different places all familiar. We got provisions for Friday night Shabbat dinner and had lunch at a Wagamama so I can cross that off my list. In the afternoon she dropped me off with friend Lois and it was so lovely to see her. Her garden was filled with apple trees all laden with apples love that about England. We had big mugs of tea and I mean BIG and then she and Davey took me back to Romy and Brett. We went to ... read more
Lovely drive up to the Manor house
Lois and me
Horseshoe Garden furniture

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