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March 20th 2011
Published: March 20th 2011
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Amazing that 16 days have passed since my last entry. I have not been idle and have done approximately 250 miles on the bike with a few less miles running. I don't keep much of a record of my activities because I don't get a lot out of keeping statistics. However I do have a couple of measures of progress. One is an uphill mile run from my house which at its best last year was 9 minutes. Well I did on one occasion recently do it in 8.1/2 mins. The other measure is the rise up to Haldon on the old bike. Again I managed to gain 30 seconds or so. So I can at least say that I am fitter than last year. However I did not do the JoGle last year.
I am not a vain man but the occasional sideways glance in the mirror when I am naked does give me the odd bit of mild pleasure. However it is slightly spoiled by the odd bits that sag. Now these bits are ones that look OK on a woman. There are other bits that do not look good on either gender. So I am going to do some research on "man-boobs" and "beer guts2 and how to get rid of them. Any ideas anybody?


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