I feel like a pin cushion - oh yeah, only 5 weeks to go ARRGHH!

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April 9th 2006
Published: April 9th 2006
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Ouch, nasty injections!!!Ouch, nasty injections!!!Ouch, nasty injections!!!

I have a red blotchy arm and paid £50 extra for the privelige!!!
Oh my god tomorrow it will be only 5 weeks to go before we set off on our round the world trip, the dream is starting to feel like reality and i am nervous (and very excited)! Ollie and I are currently going through the process of having our final injections, we had all the free ones done ages ago and now we are having the Japenese Encephalitis, as you can see by the pic my arm was not happy with what the nurse put in it on Thursday, can't wait to have the next 2 doses and the annoying thing is that Ollie had the same injection on Friday and as we are at different surgeries he paid £50 less and his arm is fine, therefore i have spent £50 extra for my arm to look like this....i always knew i wasn't a lucky person!!!!

Ollie is currently at work, so i'm scouring the internet looking for a nice hostel to stay in when we arrive in Hong Kong as it is our first destination and we will be very jet lagged. One thing i have noticed though is that a lot of the hostels, wherever they are in Hong Kong have exactly the same photographs of their rooms. Now do the hostels owners just put any nice photograph on the web page to advertise their hostel, i'm not sure they are a true representation!!! I guess we will find out when we get there, oh the joys of travelling.....

We have some family leaving do's coming up, so will post some pics. I am not looking forward to the big goodbyes, especially saying goodbye to my little nieces, i will miss them so much, but they will have lots of souvenirs sent back so they can learn about the world we live in.



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