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August 19th 2012
Published: August 4th 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY

Where we are going, if they will have us !!

Flying from Heathrow, but stopping at my lovely Mums, who is putting up with us again, the night before we fly & then the lovely relations near London, who have very kindly offered to 'babysit' our car for the duration of our trip!!Then off we go to.........

• Los Angeles (to be known as LA from now on) Hollywood district in a quirky B&B - first 3 nights
• Solvang - a little Dutch town (only in America) - one night
• Travelling up Highway 1 aka Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) aka Big Sur, how can one road have so many names?
• Monterey (apparently Monterey Jack cheese started here!)- one night
• San Francisco - Sunset District (some nice person has built an extension on her house, and is letting us stay there !) - 5 nights
• Groveland Big Oak Flat (a town with a Saloon)- edge of Yosemite - one night
• ? We have one night when leaving Yosemite that is not booked, will stop somewhere before Death Valley !

Well, will be leaving California then & will be crossing the border & entering the state of Nevada

• Downtown Las Vegas, gone 'old skool' staying in the Golden Nugget- 3 nights

Will then leave Nevada and head on in to Arizona

• Grand Canyon Angel Lodge - one night (our cabin is right on the edge of the Canyon - hope I don't start sleep walking)

Then back to Las Vegas, Nevada to chill out, where we have spoilt ourselves & booked a suite at The Tropicana, facing the strip, for the last 3 nights. (just hope I can afford a cabana by the pool as well)

Although this is a brief itinerary, knowing us we will investigate many more towns, areas, sights etc; manage to get ourselves lost (as we always do, no matter where in the world we are) and enjoy copious amounts of alcohol, drinking deep from the well as they say, eat far too much & seeing what the portions sizes are over there God help us (will obviously put on all the weight we have lost & possibly more) do loads of shopping & enjoy ourselves.

Any requests, suggestions or ideas you think we should try on our travels, please let us know - (try to keep them clean) & as someone once said

"You don’t choose the day you enter the world and you don’t chose the day you leave. It’s what you do in between that makes all the difference"


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