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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon » Exeter June 28th 2015

Due to inconsistent internet access, I lost my previous writing :( again! To recap - We spent our last full day in Devon in its capital city of Exeter. Exeter is a great metropolitan area with a beautiful cathedral and large courtyard at its center. There are shops, street musicians and artisans that surround the cathedral area. We had our typical afternoon tea, which we will greatly miss! Not just for the delicious, melt-in-your-mouth scones with clotted cream but also for the pause that it allows for. A pause that requires nothing from its participants except for presence. It allows for conversation and reflection. I did not see people on cell phones or using digital devices. It was good ol' conversation at every table, on every day. After a day of sightseeing, we came back to ... read more
Sand sculptor
Family photo

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon » Exeter September 26th 2013

Hi everyone!! Welcome to my travelblog!! My Dad and I leave for our epic adventure on Saturday and I am starting to get extremely excited now! I still have to pack but the to do list is almost complete :) I can't wait to start the trip and start uploading some amazing photos and blogs!... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon » Exeter April 22nd 2013

I have bought a one way ticket to Melbourne, Australia to travel on the 13th August 2013. I am very excited about this new adventure I will be going on. I am traveling on my own, but will start of staying with friends and see how i go from there. xxx... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon » Exeter April 2nd 2012

In the quiet rolling hills of Devon lie countless sheep, quaint villages, trimmed shrub-fences, and things that cannot be unseen. While at Athena's house in Plymouth, I tried watching some surgery show on TV with her roommates. It didn't go well. As I was flailing and retching on the couch I suddenly was reminded of my attempts to watch Super Surgery with my sister and father when I was younger. These endeavors usually ended with my crying under a blanket somewhere. So, it was with some trepidation that I left to rural West Devon to volunteer on a farm that was in the middle of lambing. Lambing: (gerund) the action of playing tug of war with the womb of a ewe, ripping afterbirth off of the lamb's face, slapping/swinging/praying to said lamb to make it breathe, ... read more
misty morning on countryside road

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon » Exeter April 11th 2011

Wednesday 23 March and Thursday 24 March 2011 On Wednesday we drove from Oxford to Exeter via Bath. We didn't have long in Bath, so we tried to cram as much in as we could. First stop was Royal Crescent - a crescent-shaped row of Georgian houses that were built as holiday accommodation for the well-to-do. The Georgians were seriously into symmetry - all the buildings are symmetrical and the rooms even have false doors to balance the real ones! One of the houses has been turned into a museum. Each room is 'equipped' with a volunteer who provides information on that room and can answer questions - it's great. As a consequence, we spent far too much time in the house, chatting to the volunteers! We had been hanging out to have fish 'n chips ... read more
The Circus, Bath
The Tea Room, Bath Assembly Rooms
Pulteney Bridge, Bath

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon » Exeter March 6th 2011

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon » Exeter July 7th 2010

Well, last weekend we took Ozzy 2 on a sea trial round to Exeter. We were warned off due to a forecast of fairly strong winds and rough seas, but chanced it and found the crossing smooth and pretty much flat, taking a mere 3 hours to get from Dartmouth to Topsham. once in Topsham we celebrated the birthdays of Marian and Zoe at the Turf Locks with a delicious BBQ cooked by my own fair hands (you'll be pleased to know that none of it ended up in the water as the huge gas barbie was very securely fastened to the ground!). It was a glorious evening finished off with beautiful sunsets (see the pics) and we got to spend time woith our families and marvel at the developing genius of our little niece Lillie ... read more
calm seas
birthday girls

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon » Exeter January 15th 2010

Hello readers of my blog. Or should I simply just say hello family - I doubt anyone else will be to interested in what I have to say! This is my first post so I hope that I'm doing it right... Today is my last full day to sort my life out at home before I set foot on foreign soil. As you would expect with my generally rather disorganised life, I have a lot left to do. And it's a near certainty that something will be left behind. Let's just hope it's not my passport. First stop: Buenos Aires (BA). I think we've got accommodation booked for at least one night but Adam's been getting really into this 'couch surfer' website where you can stay at other people's houses for free. I just think it's ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon » Exeter January 4th 2010

Well I am into the final countdown! It is all rather exciting, but at the same time very scary. Obviously I am going to miss my family and friends but what is scary is going out into the unknown - starting a new job is always the same, but here I have no idea where I will be going half the time or what I will be doing, and that’s what is scary - not being in control. Looking at it from a different view though - what an adventure it will be, waking up each day not knowing what to expect and just going with the flow. I am almost packed. That is the hardest part. Knowing what to take, and how much. My new boss has said that it is fine for me to ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon » Exeter September 12th 2009

The beginning starts in my small room with the clutter to be packed up. yes the tickets are booked and the guide book is the first book i have read in months. ... read more

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