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April 9th 2011
Published: April 9th 2011
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Lots of training since I last posted an entry. This includes a 101 mile ride around Dartmoor so I am up to doing the longest leg of the JoGLE which will be about 97 miles. However this will be after about 3 days of hard riding so it is not a true comparison. I have had the pleasing news that my daughters partner Ewen will be joining me for the first 4 days of the ride, JoG to Edinburgh, which will ease the potential lonliness until I am well on my way.
Since my last entry I have managed to do some reseach ( Google ) on manboobs. Here is what I have found out.
The medical name for the condition is gynecomastia. However most of us ( well maybe not you, particularly if you are female) are likely to be suffering from pseudogynecomastia which are boobs that come fat that derives from eating too much of the wrong type of foods. The advice is to do exercise and eat the right things. Absolutely typical of any advice we get these days on almost everything. However there is certain specific advice that relates to eliminating manboobs.
Firstly there are no exercises that will reduce body fat in a specific area. You need to excercise in a way that burns ones fat reserves. For some people the fat around the boobs is the last to go as it it is held on to by the body as a reserve for emergencies. Even if you have been dieting for a long time the body stubbornly holds on to some fat. You need to do exercises that involve you exercising hard and then relax a bit and then hard again. Known in the trade as tempo exercises. Well the hills of devon do that for me without having to work out a routine.
Apparently the hormones in your body are affected by the excercises you do. You can increase your testosterone by pumping iron. Exercises that build up muscle such as press ups, lunges and squats will do the job.
Regarding diet you will all be aware that fatty foods and carbohydrates are bed, particlarly if it is more that you need. Aim for carbs that have a lower glycemic index (GI). Eschew the white rice, white bread and baked potato in favour of almost anything else, particularly lentils, wholegrain breads, chickpeas and fruit and vegetables. Surprisingly one food you need to avoid is soya. Apparently it is high in oestrogen and is used in a lot of processed foods. So avoid mass produced stuff as much as poss. I have kept the worst news till last so read on.
I have found out for the first time ( did you know this and did not tell me?). Alcohol is bad news for men trying to downsize their boobies ( and their beer gut that they have been investing in over many years). Alcohol reduces the effect of testosterone in the body and us booby fighters need as much of this as possible. I must say that alcohol is getting a very bad press recently. There is now an established link with cancer; 1in 10 with men and 1 in 33 with women. Of course none of you will drink enough to be affected by the advers effects of alcohol. However if manboobs and beer gut is your problem the give it up until your are cured.


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