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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon » Chudleigh August 31st 2011

I have just received some photos of the school roof project in Malawi which was the beneficiary of you support for my ride earlier this year and a note from Sally Ewings, who with her husband Peter Lee and son Ben visited and assisted with the project this summer. The following is part of her email to me;- " We are home safely from our big adventure and wanted to show you what the group of Exeter builders did in 3 long days at Chalizya School. The whole community got involved with the building work and everyone was delighted with the two new roofs on buildings which had previously been completely open to the weather. We had a great welcome, the chiefs came from the surrounding areas for a ceremony of speeches and thanks to all ... read more
Malawi 2
Malawi 3
Malawi 4

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon » Chudleigh May 30th 2011

I have added up the daily mileages from the Satmap and it comes to 1013 miles. As the crow flies the distance is about 870 but very welcome diversions to Edinburgh, Mappelwell, Birmingham and the not so welcome ones around the Cornish coves, as demanded by NCR 3, add to the miles. I thought that I would show some more photos taken by Mary's brother John who was with me from Birmingham to Bristol. Also some at the end taken by Sally and Peter... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon » Chudleigh May 9th 2011

Occasionally my children ignore my injunction not to buy me a Father's Day present. The result is often very a nice surprise. An example was yesterday when James presented me with an appropriately themed cycle shirt to take on the JoGLe. By the way don't panic as it was an early Father's Day present. I think I would have got it anyway irrespective of Father's Day but he only called it that to wind me up. James gave me the present after completing the Shakespeare Marathon in 3hrs. 36min. This was his first marathon and he had done a lot of preparation, including reading and runs in the region of 20 miles. Like having a baby however I don't think that any amount of preparation can give you a clue as to what it will be ... read more
My new shirt

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon » Chudleigh May 2nd 2011

Had my last long ride yesterday before the off. I did the Buzzard Way, a route round E.Devon which was 87 miles long with 8,415ft of climbs. Two of the climbs are quite notorious because of their difficulty; at Awliscombe and Sidmouth. However it included some wonderful scenery. I didn't see any Buzzards by the way. My average speed was 10.2 mph, which was a bit slow. Only 11 days to go. I packed up my bike today for delivery to Parcelforce who will take it to Edinburgh. From there I will take it by train to JoG.... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon » Chudleigh April 27th 2011

At the insistence of my sponsors I have published a few photos to show the results of my preparations for the JoGLe. I cannot overemphasise the help I have got from them and can recommend them all. Nearly May and the dreaded 13th when I start the ride. I have been running quite a lot as wells as riding. I recently did the 100 mile Dartmoor Classic route which is 100 miles and climbs over 11,000 feet. This is more than twice the amount of climbing I will need to do on any of the days altho' I will have to ride near 100 miles on a couple of days. ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon » Chudleigh March 4th 2011

Went for a run this evening after work. 5 miles around the lanes 52 min 42sec. I felt very heavy but glad I did it. It did not feel that it did me any good but it must have done. The weather was nice but very cold. There is something very instinctive that tells us not to go out in the cold. I could have made all sorts of rationalisations, but as an old hand at exercising I know a pathetic excuse when I see one. Cold weather is never an excuse not to run. Leg in plaster, on your deathbed, got to cook Mary's dinner; all good excuses. Outside temperature- no. Off to dinner with Brian and Brenda ( the latter's birthday) so no doubt some JoGLe/LeJoG discussion. ... read more

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