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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » North Wingfield February 16th 2018

Well a theme seems to be developing in the Jones household. Nothing is insignificant was the mantra from my thoughts for the day a few days ago. Today Paramahansa Yogananda tells me that I should " Do little things in an extraordinary way". So today was a day of doing little things. Nothing of any importance . It was just another Friday. The sky was that pale insipid blue when I woke. The sort of sky I feel I should poke a stick at and it would shatter into a thousand pieces. Each one landing on the Earth like a tiny blue snowflake. The air felt thin and cold and the temperature gauge in the car registered at minus 4 degrees. The windscreen was covered in a thin layer of ice. It felt as if we ... read more
Norman St Lawrence church
One of the interesting gravestones in the churchyard
There is nowhere to get in

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » North Wingfield August 29th 2017

40 days and 40 nights - sounds Biblical. 40 days and 40 nights until we head off for sunnier climes and the last holiday of the year. The weather has been Biblical - another hurricane has hit the United States causing devastation to Texas. We have swerved and careered through a hot bank holiday weekend. That must be a first as most bank holidays have changeable weather . The weather is either hot and muggy or we have heavy rain which fills our water butts. The leaves on the trees are looking like burnished gold when they are bathed in the soft golden light of evening. Soon they will crinkle and drop off . Autiumn is coming. I sound like an advertisement for Game of Thrones. Winter is coming. We have so much to do to ... read more
The bright jewels of a cotoneaster

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » North Wingfield January 8th 2016

I have just realised two things. The first that is now 8 days into the New Year and we have been nowhere yet. The second that I have not written a blog for some while. At this time of year things always go quiet as anywhere to visit is shut up like a kipper until the weather improves. Places to visit are few and far between and work seems to get in the way. It is also though the time of the year when I look back at the last year and our trips out and holidays and re-visit in my minds eye the highlights, the lowlights and the downright awful and I look forward to another year on the road . Reading a calendar entry from the Buddha "Do not dwell in the past. Do ... read more
Suzy is in there hiding next to the big boy

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