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January 12th 2008
Published: January 12th 2008
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The bagThe bagThe bag

My awesome packing skills!!
Ok so myself and Splatharine are heading off to San Francisco on wednesday (16/01/08) so how prepared are we?

Well.......between us we have bags, clothes, shoes, cameras, mp3 players, coats, cool hats (me obviously), first aid kit, flash light, mascots (thanks to kyrp, fran, juliarrr and lorna - Percy - and my work - bear)

We know where we're staying for most of the time we're in the USA and will be travelling by amtrak through California, Oregon and up to Seattle then down and across to the grand canyon and back to LA where we will be celebrating being the only people in the city who havn't had plastic surgery!

I think I'm prepared for America as I have spent so much time there but its a new area to me (appart from the grand canyon) so I'm pretty excited!

It's been sad saying goodbye to everyone but has made me realise more than ever before how lucky I am to have such a wonderful family, group of friends and pretend brothers and sister (love you three monsters!!)

Anyway I'm getting all sentimental which is very unlike my tough rugby playing image so I'm gonna
Percy and BearPercy and BearPercy and Bear

Percy and his sister were given to me and Cat by our closest friends. Bear was given to me by my awesome work friends and will be travelling with me at all times for photo opportunities!!
leave it at that for today!

Remember to keep in touch and tell me and Cat all of your news and stuff!



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