Photos from Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England, United Kingdom, Europe

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An early morning skyline
Another sign that Christmas is approaching
The last of the swans
Father Christmas watching me
If you dont get it look up fork handles The Two Ronnies
The reflections fascinate me
Who is watching me?
This old van
Early morning
someones watching over me
how many more can I find ?
This old house with apologies to Shaking Stevens
and another old house
Found it - the milestone hidden over the summer
Another sign of the long arm of the Hunlokes
Is it a tree?
The lonely gates at Harper Hill
that first world war soldier
Lest we forget
The very large poppies
More of the fireworks
More fireworks colours
As good as the colours from a Rocket
Who needs fireworks with colour like this ?
Who is watching me?
An odd wooden caterpillar
Last remnants of blackberries
Oak leaves turning yellow
and a few more shades of green
Fifty shades of green
The last of the ripening tomatoes
The last of the summer roses
Oriental Poppies I would put those in my pot
Holly berries just starting to turn red
Seedheads of the clematis
The last of the summer butterflies
Plums before the wasps eat them
A glimpse of the last of the hay bales
A glimpse of the last colour of Summer
In Spring this was covered in Bluebells
Hidden under the undergrowth
skeletons of plants that once flowered
There is still some colour at this time of year
You know Autumn is coming when you see fungi
The berries are beginning to colour
On days like these ..............
Autumn reflections in the water
The footprints lead that way
Signs of Autumn around the corner
A misty surreal Autumn morning
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