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September 6th 2015
Published: April 25th 2017
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the 5th was a day of rest - or just no pictures or anything to report so moving onto the 6th of September. Today, I am heading off to Hardwick Hall. The Elizabethan country house created by Bess of Hardwick in the early 1500's. Bess was one of the richest and remarkable women of Elizabethan England during those times. it is renowned for its tapestries and wonderful gardens.

Off I drive in my little vehicle with my little travel buddy, Dobby, along the roads from village to village. Arriving at Hardwick Hall, I could not believe the magnificence of the new Hall.

Driving up the road, seeing a herd of cows, then toward the car park. The new hall is standing across a road from the old hall that was just a shell now. The new hall was amazing with the tall walls, and gates leading into garden, then to the main entrance. Even the shell of the old hall had something about it that I was drawn to. I did a tour through he old hall, with audio that gave the history of it. Some of the stories told really were amazing. It is a must see.

Walking through the doors of the new hall, seeing the magnificence of the tapestries. They are old, but full of character. The story of Bess of Hardwick and her grand daughter Arabella to be under house arrest uner the direction of Elizabeth I, created a very good story.

The hall, the Elizabethan dress (costume), the tapestries, the furniture. How well defined it all is.

Once out into the garden, the brilliance of the hall was even more from the front. The greenery, the way it was set out. The hedges separating each area having its own use be it vegetable, flowers, trees..

My day was perfect. I met some people from England and chatted with them while walking the garden.

Once out of the area, I walked through the forest where they would walk back in their times up and down rocks and small trails, then to the flat where they rode their horses, following along the trail that Bess would take. Crossing roads, and finding a flat that was like a huge runway. You could see Hardwick Hall from the distance. To the other end to the right was the Hardwick Park Farm.

The day was a good one, and time to head back to Scarcliffe and to the local for a few ales 😊. Country life, love it 😊

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