Derbyshire 178 - Chesterfield - planning a kitchen without a house /Gabby gets a wash/is another lockdown around the corner ?

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September 18th 2020
Published: September 20th 2020
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Gabby the motorhome is parked up at home and has had a much needed spruce up. She has been washed and all the mud that covered her has been removed . She looks clean and ready to go. Ready to go but nowhere to go to. The two week holiday has passed by in the blink of an eye and yes we did get away. But sadly it was not the holiday we had planned thanks to Boris and his ideas about quaranteen and travelling against foreign office advice .

Gabbys carpets have come out and been hoovered . Her fridge emptied . Clothes , washed , dried and returned to her cupboards . I wonder where she will be end up next? A holiday at Christmas perhaps ? Will we get a window of opportunity when we might just be able to get to France before we exit Europe for good?

She is due her habitation check in a few weeks . She has to be completely emptied . We are not allowed to mingle with the staff. We have to leave her and they sterilise her before working on her. Will that happen before or after we move ? Will the MOT and the service be cancelled ? That could be a problem . . Assuming we do move we will need to move Gabby to storage . She wont be outside our home for a while .

Third time lucky perhaps . Moving is a little like our holidays this year. Three attempts at selling . Two failures . Three attempts at organising a holiday and two thwarted .

It is hard to imagine if we will make a trip to Europe anytime soon . There are only a little over two full months before we could leave our shores . Such a lot happens in a short time to thwart plans . No lockdown today . Lockdown next week . The dreaded R word has raised its ugly head . Under 1 a few weeks ago it is creeping up . Creeping up means more cases . More cases less chance of a much needed Christmas break . More chance for Boris to react .

We spent the morning kitchen hunting . We left Gabby at home and drove in Ziggy to the other side of Doncaster . Not the most salubrious of destinations but we were not sightseeing . Kitchens . We were off to see kitchens . So many. So many different shapes and colours . Bright colours seem out and old fashioned . Muted whites , creams and almonds in fashion . Gloss fronts rather than matt. It felt harder choose something we liked than it was choosing Gabby . We could walk inside Gabby. We could sit in her captains seats and swivel them around . We could lie on her bed . We could see what we liked and what worked for us . We could understand what would be more problematic . Kitchens - what colour to choose.? Which worktop looked the best ? What paint for the walls? What , Which and how were all questions we kept asking ? Shaker or flat fronts Handles /no handles . We dont have the house yet . Would the kitchen look Ok or would it just not look right in the room ? Would it look too dark or too light ? Would it go out of fashion ? By the time we come to buy it we could be on lockdown again . Lockdown = no kitchen . Worse still no holiday . Why does it always come back to holidays ? Appliances - gone up in price and you cannot buy them for love nor money . Is that Covid or stockpiling German products prior to Brexit ?

Holidays - the books are out . The Brittany book has been scoured from front to back . I find somewhere interesting . Nowhere to park a girl like Gabby. An interesting castle - closed after September . Vitre - couldnt work a place to stay last time , Nothing different this time . More DD landing beaches . Today was a walking day . It felt Autumnal. Cool with a slight nip in the air. As I walked I pondered kitchens , holidays and Autumn . The leaves are yellowing slowly . We dont have the vibrant colours of Autumn yet . The sun is weak in the sky . I thought about 2020 . It is three quarters over . Who would have thought that we would just swat 2020 away without a thought other than Covid? October will be miserable , November more so and then only Christmas to break up the year .

Where will we be? Wales hopefully and working on the new property . I found myself wondering what 2021 would be like . Are we dreading it as we did the year 2000. We expected misery in 2000. The turn of the century. The milennium bug . 2021 - will we be rid of Covid? Will we have a vaccine ? Will we get a holiday ? The trouble is we keep looking ahead and not enjoying the day we have in front of us .

"I don't have a preconception of a perfect day because if I did then it would ruin the day that I was living " Naval Ravikant .


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